How To Dress To Impress On A First Date

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How To Dress To Impress On A First Date

My! My! My! We are going to have fun today, because my Naija peeps can do and undo when it comes to going out for a date (giggles). My first date was quite hilarious, I mean in terms of my wears. As classic as I can be as a lady, you wouldn’t imagine what I wore on this beautiful body of mine, gosh! I would rather not say.

Okay, let’s be a little more realistic. Your first date is basically a perfect moment to make a fantastic impression. And of course, you just might experience a little difficulty in selecting the best outfit to make the best impression ever. And that’s why we are bringing your way an interesting segment on dressing to impress your date on the first day and very importantly every other day. Cause I am sure some people dress to impress on the first date and care little about other days. Correct me if I am wrong, guys are pretty much in that category. Most ladies are ever conscious of their wears and love to impress their dates most of the times, except in rare cases. But our Naija men impress their lady or ladies on the parole to get them to dance to their music. Once she becomes his babe, he could care less about dressing to impress her, except he has a natural deep sense of style in fashion.

When deciding what to wear on a date, choosing clothes that makes you feel at your best, confident, happy and comfortable moments is the first thing that should come into mind. Once your dress speaks the vibes of confidence in you and radiates the beauty of comfort within and without, then it is a plus for you.

General Tips

  • Avoid over-dressing or under-dressing for the occasion:

It is okay to want to look excellently glamorous, but it best to keep it simple but fashionable in style. If there is one thing that would help you decide what best to wear for a date, it is finding out where your date will be, to know the attire that would perfectly fit the place. For instance, I don’t expect anything other than a nice jeans and colorful T-shirt or blouse, when going to a local sideshow or simply taking rides. Whereas going to a posh restaurant would require an elegant evening outfit.

  • Accept that clothes send out signals:

What signal is your outfit sending out? People are hardly dumb these days as regards reading the signal presented before them via appearance. Hence, the signal you intend to send across determines the wears you select eventually.

  • Wear a color that suits your skin rather than some favorite color:

It is possible to have a favorite color that suits your skin perfectly well. Then in such cases, the favorite color could do. If not, please know your skin and know the color that best defines the beauty of your skin and looks just right on you.

  • Be careful to take advice only if it works for you:

Yeah right! A lot of us are good at seeking advices when it comes to going on a date. I am not too far from the many that do that, except I care little about the guy sitting on the opposite end. Trust me, advices can be good and great. I mean, it’s pretty fun to invite some girl/guy friend to help you carefully select the clothes to wear, but it can also be confusing and absurd if he/she doesn’t have the same dressing style as you. You just might end up dressed in a way that doesn’t reflect your own style or that is an image of what she thinks you should like. And hey! Your comfort matters to us as much as it matters to you.

  • Avoid looking too vampy or flirtatious on a first date:

In a weird way, I feel I should hit the nail of my feelings about appearing with a dressing that arouses flirting. For heaven’s sake, you guys barely know each other, you are not even romantically involved yet, so why the show of some provocative or suggestive wear on a first date? What’s the entire stunt for?  It’s a definite No for me. Worst still, it could relegate you to a one night stand date, rather than suggesting you for a long term prospect. Especially our Naija ladies, cause as weird as it can be, some ladies are extremely suggestive with their wears when going out on a date. There are plenty more times to see you, if the date works out, so why show off the nice stuffs your mama gave you?

Clothing’s to avoid on a first date includes;

  • Anything too low cut or low slung: if you wear a low-cut top, don’t pair it with a short skirt or vice versa. One slightly suggestive item of clothing is more than sufficient. Don’t ruin it by making an overall statement.
  • Your butt sticking out of your jeans: He doesn’t need to see your underwear yet, in any shape or form. Haba!
  • A tummy roll over your jeans: This is unpleasant and unlikely to garner further interest no matter how much you think it’s your right to dress this way. Save it for non-date occasions.
  • Short figure-hugging clothing. The shorter it is, the less appropriate it is for a first date.
  • Lace-up tops, bodices that evict your bust, extreme transparent apparels.


  • Know what looks good on you:

If you don’t know, then ask your mom or a sibling to be honest about the clothes they like you in. you are in charge of your destiny where self-presentation comes into it, and part of it is knowing what sets off your own assets to its greatest advantage.

  • Use a modest amount of perfume:

Trust me, you don’t want to smother your date with your fragrance, the poor man could faint. Instead use just enough perfume to caress and seduce his senses in a subtle way.

  • Wear what works for your legs, not what the latest catwalk model is dancing around in.

You can wear those sexy high heel shoes as long as you can walk in them. High heel shoes will make you look taller, give you a nice posture and make your legs look longer. But if you are not used to wearing high heels, don’t put them on for your first date. It could make you feel insecure, walk clumsy and you could even hurt your ankle; that’s not the best scene for a successful date. Make the right choice.

  • There are shoes with small heels (kitten heels) that might give you that sexy look.
  • If you can’t find a shoe that fits the occasion and you are low on budget? What are friends for? Take a look at their shoe collection. They may have what you need.
  • Make sure the shoes fit you well and feel comfortable. It might have worked out for Cinderella to lose a shoe but it could spoil your date and make you feel embarrassed.
  • Wear your hair as much as possible in the way you usually do:

It is fine to try to look nicer as long as it doesn’t give your date a wrong impression of who you are or smell like a fire bomb of hairspray. For the first date, keep it simple and real, same thing goes for your make up. Try everything possible to avoid pronounced hairstyles that cause pain and would have your mind focused on overcoming the pain rather than making the best out of your date. Forget anything that pulls or twists your hair in some funny or strange ways and wear hairstyles that make you feel good.

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