How Flashy Can You Be?

Allwell Victoria

It gets amusing when I see flashy people with all the bright colours on their bright shining, beautiful skin. Oh my! The bright dress mixed with flashy shoes, bags, hairdo, and all the flashy combos you can ever imagine. It gets so much sometimes that I am forced to ask some road passerby; “Are flashy colours the suitable fashion sense that trend?” I, for one, would rather not go for what some call shouting colours. You know, colours that scream at you in broad day light, caring little about who is or isn’t looking. My bad! I am about to beat some loud drums to your ears via a black ink on paper. I hope that is possible, because I am delighted to announce to you that your bright flashy or better still pinging colours are beautiful. But hey! You better watch it, especially if it is your most preferred choice of colorful fashion style.

Avoid neon colors and over flashy clothes:                                

Both men and women have to be cautious with bright colors. Clothes that are too flashy can be distracting and the visual equivalent of shouting. And yes, I can’t count the number of Nigerians that would stop at nothing but to be dramatically attractive in their appearance. Worse off, is; some persons wear such flashy colourful clothes to work. Oh my! Awesome, I would say, but, inexcusably appalling. Okay, don’t laugh at my true life joke, but to be caught appealing with extreme beautiful looks, I once wore heavy model like make up for a formal presentation. Thank goodness, for my colleagues who were nice enough to ensure the shining bright colors on my face were all gone before the presentation, leaving me with a simple but beautiful formal look.

It is ok to look bright sometimes, don’t get me wrong. I am just saying it shouldn’t be a regular fashion style or even a formal fashion style. When in the mood to get all flashy with high screams that calls for attention, check your menu of event. Meaning, be sure that you are not going for a formal event or a place that does not necessarily require all the pretty fashion efforts you desire to spell out loud.

Just saying though, I may not be so right with my assumption that overly bright colors are no good for an estimable fashion style. Do you think my presumptions are wrong? Would you agree that there are limits to the flashy colors to be used when exhibiting a good fashion skill? Let me know what you think?


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