A Happy Womb is a Fertile Womb: Coping Through Childless Years

Peters Precious Oshone

Not every couple has it easy when it comes to child bearing. And that is why some single folk are of the opinion that they have to get pregnant or get someone pregnant before sealing things up with marriage to be certain the lady has a fertile womb.

Most couples get married hoping to raise a beautiful family. But when they begin to count months, years and even decades, it becomes something almost unbearable or even unthinkable for most. But does this mean the woman has no fertile womb?

The worst part of the story could be when one or both parties have been diagnosed infertile by doctors. That is one emotional trauma most singles are never prepared for before walking down the aisle.

Very briefly, in a few paragraphs, I’m going to share with you a few tips that could help in making it easier for you to go through these trying times, in case you’ve found yourself ‘trapped in the closet’ already, and also how to discover your fertile womb.

It doesn’t matter if you have been trying for a baby for just 3 months or its been 15 years already. And also doesn’t really matter if the doctors have said you are infertile or just fine.

What matters is applying the right principles to your life and marital relationship on order to ensure that the baby finding period does not become a ruined part of your history. Babies or no babies, life must go on and life must be enjoyed.preshy daintie 2

Now, the first point I’m going to hit is the marital relationship between the husband and wife during the childless period.

This period is not the time to throw stones at each other, point fingers (no matter whose medical fault it is) and raise unnecessary tension in the home. Rather it’s a time to come together in unity as husband and wife (spirit, soul and body) and build your uninterrupted time together into a stronger bond that nothing can interfere with.

What most couples fail to understand is that this is a period where the highest level of cooperation is needed between husband and wife and not bickering or fighting family battles. Children were made as a blessing to a marriage and not the other way round.

Your marriage and relationship with your spouse and the many purposes of marriage should not be left unattended because you can’t have children right away. There are many homes that have even split up because the couple let their kids become a brick wall in their relationship. Forget about baby making. Love your spouse and enjoy your marriage. Children will come at their own time.

Another point to highlight is the psychological effect of worrying about child bearing on the actual conception of a child. Medical personnel advise women who are trying to conceive, to stop worrying about conception. Worries can steal your fertile womb.

Even men cannot be at their best when it comes to sexual health, when they are psychologically perturbed. So, stop worrying. Start having fun and doing all the things you love to do with your life. Enjoy yourself; a happy womb is a fertile womb.

Have faith that everything will fall into place in the end. Faith can keep your hopes alive until they become a reality. Never at any point in time give up on yourself or your spouse. No matter the medical report weighing you down, there is still hope. Medical reports fail. The human body is a miracle in motion. Don’t let medical reports be your ultimatum. You have a fertile womb; just believe it.

Some couples have it nice and easy on the in-law-front while many others don’t find it funny at all coping with the extended pressure to have a baby while trying hard to cope with their own psychological stress. Every spouse should be a protective shield around their partner. Don’t let your family members mount undue pressure on you or your spouse. Be in charge!

You have two minds; the conscious and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind does your thinking and reasoning, whilst your subconscious mind simply accept what your conscious mind has judged to be true.

Your subconscious is your miracle working mind; your spirit mind, and what is pressed on it, it brings into reality. What you constantly think about is usually impressed on your subconscious mind, and it’s worked into reality by your subconscious. If your conscious mind is filled with fears and doubts, your subconscious/spirit mind brings forth bad or negative results. Because your subconscious has accepted your doubts.

If for instance you keep thinking about your inability to get pregnant, your subconscious accepts that, and brings forth negative results, because you have accepted you don’t have a fertile womb. But if you can be positive, focusing your mind on getting pregnant, casting away the odds and seeing yourself getting pregnant, you’ll surely get positive result.

Say to yourself always; “I’m well and fertile, I have all it takes to get pregnant. I’m getting pregnant. I’m pregnant, and I’m going to have a baby.” saying this consistently and accepting it to be true, and then be happy and filled with the joy of expectation; ensuring your thoughts are good and harmonious, you will surely conceive and bear a child of your own. Then you discover the wonderful fertile womb you have.

Do not let the present state of childlessness arrest you with you doubts and negative thoughts. That would cause you sadness. Remember, ‘happy wombs are fertile wombs’.

My prayer is that you get the desires of your heart and find the courage to live happily through out the trying times. Baby dust to you all!


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