Friendship: Reasons for ‘Break-up’ in Relationships: How You Can Avoid Them (3)

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friendship in relationship

A relationship devoid of true friendship is doomed for a break-up, or endless fights and hates. If your partner isn’t your true friend, you have no business being in such relationship.

Interestingly, there is no true friendship in most relationships. When a partner is not your friend, you’re most likely to have a friend in the opposite sex whom you relate with every day. This is dangerous because emotion might set in, and before you say jack, you’re already having a super romance with your friend.

The result? Your partner becomes irritating to you; whatever he/she does annoys you. You become unnecessarily aggressive and hostile to your partner or giving him/her a heartbreaking cold shoulder.

Confusion sets in your mind, thinking of what to do. In the midst of confusion, you’re most likely to make some regrettable mistakes.

In some cases, you may be acting all ‘wise’, believing everything is under your control. Hey, Mr. Superman, or chairlady, when the Pandora box burst before your face, you might not be able to curtail it.

RULE 3: Let friendship be the key

People generally have greater respect and loyalty to friendship than this thing you call ‘love’. Love is no love when it has not been greeted with challenges, and conquers such challenges.

A true friend would do his/her best never to hurt you, no matter the magnitude of the challenges that come your way; for out of true friendship comes true love. I’ve heard quite a number of people say ‘my husband/wife is not my friend, though I love him/her, but I have friends we relate very well’ or ‘my boyfriend/girlfriend is not my friend, he’s just my love; my partner’.

True love cannot exist when your partner is not your best and true friend. Therefore, seek first the kingdom of true friendship, and all your imaginations about true love shall be added unto you.

Marriage or relationship built on true friendship is like a house built on a high and solid rock, no storm can overcome it. Friendship is a bond that holds those emotions you call love, and it’s what gives true love.

If you are already married, and your partner isn’t your friend, start developing a friendship union with your partner. It’ll help your marriage.

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