The True Friend In A Woman

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

The beauty of growth and development is not the mass of flesh one has gained, nor the increase in length, size, and toughness of bones; but the mind that is constantly being renewed by the pool of experience.
Otherwise, the human being would have just been a tall mass of dummy, lacking in wisdom, and perhaps wouldn’t be any different from the lower animals.
Time is a vehicle that conveys us through the rhythm of life. And as we move through, certain things we had held firmly in the law of our thoughts, fades into nonsense. “What the heck was I thinking?”, but that was then, you are matured in mind now.
As a teenage boy, who had been introduced into pornographic movies (Oh yeah, I did watch pornographic films. Didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t, cast the aspersions on me) I liked the bodies of the white ladies, particularly their private ‘homes’ that looked clean and pretty.
FriendWatching the ebony ones was a big turn-off for me, for their private ‘homes’ looked dark and unattractive. (Anyway, I disliked pornographic movies few months later after I was introduced into it. Only the foolish ones get addicted to pornographic films)
“I’ll marry a white lady when I grow up.” I decided.
friendBut then, having seen their way of life which is completely opposite to what we have in Africa, and having also come in contact with few whites, I realised their beauty mostly resides on TV screens. The African woman is much more prettier.
“Can’t marry white.” I changed my mind.
Then came the ambition to have a very light-skinned African lady. All ladies I talked to and related with at this time were the very fair-skinned ones.
But as time shifted towards reality, I discovered that all light skinned ladies are not necessarily pretty, neither are the pretty ones more pretty than the dark-skinned ladies.
Light or dark, it doesn’t matter. And so my attention drifted towards the voluptuous ladies- busty and roundly-hipped. Time went on, and I found out that a woman’s curvaceousness does not necessarily bring satisfaction.
friendLet her just be pretty; pretty face, catchy eyes and hot lips. That was satisfactory. But then, this idea soon faded with time.
And then I realised I love sweet voices. A feminine voice that is soft, tender and melodious. I disliked ladies with thick masculine voices. I saw them to be men in female form. At that time, if I had an enemy who wanted to get me, such would have used a lady with a sweet voice as a bait to get me. I’m sure I would have fallen into it.
But then, just like other tastes I had desired in the past, something was always missing. And so, I switched to another taste of women; the smart and intelligent ladies!
Oh how I loved smart and intelligent ladies. (I still do, but not a prioritised taste anymore) I idolised them and made up my mind that I was going to marry such, it never mattered if she lacked every other feminine virtues. But somehow, this idea also went into the dungeon of those discarded thoughts.
Oh how TIME often teaches us priceless lessons!
As I have grown to become the Skyfoxx I am today… Haha, with a little wealth of experience, I have come to know that what one needs is a FRIEND. Yes! A friend.
Where you find a virtuous woman, is a true friend. Her price is immeasurable. One does not necessarily need a pretty woman. What one needs is a beautiful woman, for a beautiful woman is a friend. A friend one can lean on.friend 56e3eb7852825e80e29e8db15fa16f5f
Why do couples experience marital discord? Though I’m not a married chap, and so you might not expect me to know a B from the Bull’s foot, in the issues of marriage. But I could infer that marrying a taste is usually a problem in marriage.
When one marries Taste, there comes that time in the marriage when he discovers that a taste do have some bitterness. But since he never prepared for such bitterness, it becomes a cross too heavy for him to carry. Taste cannot have all beautiful tastes in it, but in the Friend in a woman is kept, all beautiful tastes.
When one marries a taste because he loves a certain taste, along the line, there are usually more attractive tastes outside the marriage to love more. Only that ‘love’ cannot make a peaceful home, for it’s an erotic love. But in the friend in a woman, is found true love, peace, and joy.


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