Foundation Basics: Knowing What Suits My Skin

Peters Precious Oshone

mac foundation
Liquid and Cream Mac Foundation

Most women pay the most attention to the type of foundation they get, when shopping for makeup products. The reason is simple; it makes all the difference in a flawless finish.

Make up should look impeccable on you, should make you feel more self-assured and not distract away from your person. Study this brief lecture properly and ensure you are well informed about the first item on the makeup list; foundation. There are basically three types.

  1. Liquid foundation: this type offers sheer coverage and provides a natural look. It’s very good for everyday use and very good on the go. Dries to a matte finish and comes in both with oil and oil-free formulations.
  2. Cream foundation: this offers full coverage and is the number one choice of makeup artists. It is available in both compact cases and stick forms. People with dry skin types can use this daily.
  3. Iridescent cream/liquid type: this adds a light or glow to the complexion.

To identify your foundation shade, swipe two or three shades closest in shade to your skin tone against your jawline (not on your hand).

For dark skinned ladies: pick a foundation that’s a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This will come out better after the overall makeup is applied.

Always make sure to check the foundation in natural daylight before you buy.

preshy dainties foundation
Preshy dainties

Note: you can apply your foundation with a cosmetic sponge, with your fingers or with both. Make sure you blend in well into the hair line and down the neck to create a flawless finish.

So much could be achieved just by properly applying a few cosmetic products to your face. You could get that dream job by just highlighting your features a bit. Or, you could stand out from the crowd wherever you go. So, remember to apply it properly and give your face the perfect glow.



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