For Cheating On Her, See What His Wife Did To Him

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

Rebeca the radio; she knew every secret and never hesitated to dish out every information on her gossip pot. She looked at Maureen, who seemed to have been engrossed to a drama series on Telemundo.

“Maureen, I have something to tell you.” Rebeca said. Maureen’s eyes darted towards Rebeca, stealing a quick glance at the drama on TV.

“Okay? Shoot” Maureen said, bringing her feet down from the long chair in her sitting-room she’d been lying on.

“It’s your husband”

“What about him?” Maureen sat up; her attention had been captured by her curiosity, gazing fearfully at Rebecca’s mouth which appeared to be warming up for a secret spill. “Talk to me, Becca.”

“Men!” Rebeca said and sighed. “They are all the same. He-goats they are.” She added; leaving her seat and joining Maureen on her long chair.

“Guess who I saw your husband with?” She said, collapsing her mammoth butt to the chair, Maureen drifted her feet away, bringing them to the floor.

“Who?” Maureen asked, “Tell me please.” She added. Maureen could tell already what her friend was about to say, but she’d known Rebeca to be a chief gossip-monger whose news were well cooked in the pot of suspense, that when you thought you knew what she was about to spill from her lips, it soon dawned on you how wrong you were when she finally let the cat out of the bag. Who else would her husband had been with that could have interested Rebeca to put into her secret box of gossip if not a lady? Maureen thought.

“I saw your husband coming out of the hotel room with a certain lady, holding hands and glued to each other about an hour ago at NTB Hotel. They even kissed in front of the door to the hotel room.” Rebeca said, looking at Maureen; she added; “you can imagine what they did inside the hotel room.”

Maureen sighed, stared at her friend. She picked up her phone on the stool beside her chair.

“You want to call him, right?” Rebeca asked, looking at Maureen and added; “I think you should call and talk sense into him.”

“That’s not necessary.” Maureen replied her, punching her nails on her phone keypad.

Rebeca paused for about a minute, and then asked; “So what are you going to do?”

Maureen returned the phone to the stool. “I just sent him a text.” Rebeca brusquely picked Maureen’s phone, checking through to see the message her friend had sent to her husband. She found it. The message read; “My sweet love, each day of my life I thank God for giving to me, a man as wonderful as you to be my lovely husband. You have been a faithful husband; a virtue so rare in today’s world. For that, I trust you with my life. I want you to know that my heart and my soul will always belong to you; and I’ll always love you, my love. Can’t wait for you to come back from work to feel your warm embrace. Love you!”

Surprised, she said; “Are you okay? Did you hear what I told you?” She dropped the phone on the stool; “I just told you that your husband is having an extra-marital affair. He is cheating on you.” She added.

“Yeah I know. It’s nothing I can’t handle.” Maureen said.

Rebeca felt disrespected, dishonored and ignored by her friend’s nonchalant action. She picked up her handbag angrily and left.


The bell rang, Maureen sashayed towards the door, unlocked it and pulled it behind her. Paul, her husband hugged her. Paul thought the aura around her was pleasant and powerful. She smelled nice, the bra she had on neatly fitted her breast that Paul called sweet oranges, and the cleavage was fresh and inviting.

“How are you honey?” Paul said and kissed her lips.

“You’re welcome, my love” Maureen turned as Paul shot the door behind. “And how was work today?”

“Twas beautiful” His eyes perched on Maureen’s short-jean-skirt that displayed her well curved butt and hot thighs that Paul always thought topped her most beautiful natural endowments. The little-man betwixt his legs had started to pitch-tent in the heat of his suit wears. They got into the bedroom and Paul pulled her to his chest, bringing his lips to hers. Maureen pulled back.

“Not now, naughty boy. Go have your bath first, and then come to the dining table. I prepared your favorite meal.” Maureen said, walking towards the door. She paused and whispered to Paul; “Afterwards, you can have me all night.”


The meal was wonderful and Paul did enjoy it. He picked Maureen and carried her in his arms to the bedroom. This night, Paul thought Maureen did much better than a porn-star.

After several hours of love ecstasy, Paul was stung by a bee of remorse. He wondered why he could have such a wonderful wife and still fell cheaply to another woman’s sexual seduction. He sat on the edge of the bed and said; “Honey, I saw your text. It hurt my conscience and broke my spirit. I’m so sorry I cheated on you with your best friend”

Maureen smiled and said; “my best friend,” she sighed, “anyway, confess your sins. Who’s this best friend?” She asked, sounding indifferent.

“Rebeca. She’s been all over me and disturbing me. But still, I take the blame. I swear with my life, I’ll never cheat on you again. Please, forgive me.”

“Okay. I believe you.” She told him, moved her lips towards his and kissed him; “that’s my sign of forgiveness.” She said, staring at her husband’s surprised face; “and don’t you ever call her my best friend again, if you don’t want me to beat you, in short, I think I need to buy a cane down.” She added, and they both laughed, held each other close and kissing the night away.


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