Finding The Right Partner for Marriage (1)

Peters Precious Oshone


One thing that bothers a lot of single people is the fact that they might never find a way out of singlehood because they just can’t seem to find a suitable partner. Marriage is not a game and almost everyone fantasizes a perfect partner to go through life with.  Fortunately for some of us, we don’t wait too long before finding someone that matches our dream guy or lady. Sometimes, our dream match backfires and we wish we never even had a dream in the first place while for a lucky few, the dream choice is just perfect. And for the rest of us, we just keep hoping that the angel of our dreams will walk into our lives when we need them the most. But does that angel really exist? This is a question we ask ourselves after 5, 6, 10 or 20 attempts at dating or relationships. We have tried our best to package ourselves rightly, we have tried to carefully pick the perfect partner and somehow, it just doesn’t work out fine. We have tried almost everyone within our friendship network; we have even dated Mr. /Miss A to Z. And as we grow older, the pressure to get married or get a family started becomes more and everyone expects us to make an announcement as soon as possible.  But whilst they are waiting for that announcement, we are so careful because we don’t want to end up in a hell hole like we’ve seen some of our friends do. And the wait seems to be like forever and we keep wondering if we will ever find the right partner.

Well, I got good news for you. You will find the right partner and the person really exists. But it’s up to you to recognize them when you do. Most of the time, our dream partner doesn’t exactly come in perfect packages. And we could completely miss out on a perfect relationship because we are busy trying to ensure the perfect candidate comes with all the features of our dream package. Below are a few tips on how you can work towards a marriage based relationship without stress.

Be sure of your packaging: You can’t expect to get what you can’t give. Marriage is a reciprocative relationship. You can’t parade yourself as a troublemaker and expect to have a peacemaker as a partner. Unlike Physics, in relationship matters, like attracts like. It is only people that think like you or agree with your ideas about life that would hover around you. So, if you don’t like the options you keep getting for a life partner, then maybe it’s time to review YOU. You can’t expect an angel to walk into your life and remain there when your attitude is worse than that of Lucifer himself; be the dream spouse you desire and you will see them walk into your life sooner or later. (TO BE CONTINUED)



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