By Amoo Kristin

POISE AND ELEGANCE1During the Victorian era in English history, women were known to strap themselves painfully into corsets to make their waists appear smaller so they’ll look lovely in their ball gowns. They closed themselves off to the obvious discomfort and pain; just to look good.

        In today’s era, women stuff their feet into twig-like shoes that almost break their ankles for the hours they strut around in them. They disregard the obvious pain, consoling themselves on the sole fact that they look good in them.

         How about the short dresses and skirts that little to the imagination? Most of the time, the wearers end up spending the duration of the event trying to keep themselves decent and comfortable. This is not an attempt to criticize the fashion sense of women because I too I’m guilty of a number of them. The point I’m trying to make here is fashion is painful!! Ridiculous right? But I bet you it is.

         When I listen to stories of friends about how and what they have suffered in the sacred name of fashion, I shudder. I remember Larabi, a course mate that recounted a story to me. Her boyfriend wanted to take her to his mom. We know how we all get when we want to meet a potential in-law. Larabi spent hours agonizing over what to wear. She didn’t want to be overdressed and she didn’t want to look like a slob too. Finally, she decided on a knee-length doll-gown and a pair of sky-high loubotins.  She looked perfect, except for the fact that some construction was going on around his mom’s house and they had to pack three houses away and walk down a road filled with broken blocks and wet sand. Unfortunately, she mistepped and broke her ankle.

        I’m not saying we should give up all these conventions that we love so much, but that we should put in a little more consideration for ourselves too. Some might argue that we go through all the pain to attract and keep the attention of the opposite sex. It might be true on some level, but let’s face it, only we females understand what we go through.

  • When one of us is teetering around on 6-inch heels, we know exactly how much her feet and ankle are killing her.

  • When one of us looking all hot and sexy in that snazzy outfit, we know the courage it has taken for her to wear something that uncomfortable in public.

  • When we see a woman with a cleavage almost to her throat, we know how much her chest might hurt from the push-up bra.

          Some of these things are unavoidable, but we should also try to reduce our suffering to the minimum. Yes, fashion is painful, but it should also be fun. Do not forget that. Pressing up and looking good should be fun. You do not have to wear those sky-high heels; flats are stunning too. And if you absolutely have to wear heels, go for the ones that fit your style and personality perfectly. Wear platforms or wedges or better still, buy shoes with shorter ‘heels’. Then, when you absolutely want that short , sexy outfit; how about little shorts underneath. You wouldn’t want to be like a certain celeb who had her underside snapped during a performance on stage.

           We do not have to give up our fashion conventions, but I’m sure you agree with me that the world has progressed past the stage women were literally ‘breathe-taking’ and ‘breathe-stealing’ corset. Like I always say, dress well, look good, but most importantly, feel good. Ciao!


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