Fashion Errors You Should Never Make

Amoo Kristin

When it comes to fashion, there are mistakes some of us women often make. Now, here are two things you shouldn’t do.

Wearing heavy glittery earrings with an equally heavy and glittery necklace? It’s a Nah!

You might think you look dazzling, but the truth is you’ll hurting the eye of the beholder, and God help us if it’s a place with shiny lights.

Over 6ft tall strutting in 6inch heels? It’s a big Nah!Tipss, 

You are over 6ft tall and as slim as they come and you decide to strut around town in 6inch heels that make you look like you gon to keel over any minute?

Come on girl, what are you tryna do? Take a message straight to heaven? FYI, you’ll totally look like a giraffe, and trust me, nobody wants to be seen with one… it’ll draw attention to their dwarfism!




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