Face Treatment: 6 Ways to Maintain a Young Blemish Free Face

Peters Precious Oshone

Nobody likes the idea of looking older than their age or having a pale looking face. Most people don’t have the resources and time to pamper their faces, so it ends up looking dull or filled with blemishes. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a young and blemish free face.

  1. Use a facial scrub: never try to scrub your face with a sponge. That is a very quick way to wrinkle it up. Use a foam sponge or a facial scrub and massage it on your face using an outward circular motion method. Leave the scrub on your facial skin for five minutes before rinsing off.
  1. Massaging: when applying any product, ensure you rub it in using the outward circular motion technique. This enables the face absorb the treatment from the formula of the product. Massaging your face also helps with blood circulation, hence detoxifying the face. However, you must avoid touching your facial skin too frequently; especially when no formula is being applied.
  1. 3. Use a sunscreen daily: no matter how light or dark skinned you are, a daily use of sunscreen is essential for maintaining a young-looking skin. Ultraviolet sun rays help to age the skin faster.preshy daintie 2
  1. Avoid frowning: try not to make frowning a habit. Frowning too often could become a permanent frown.
  1. Don’t squint: this could create permanent lines around the eyes. Use sun glasses or newly recommended glasses.
  1. Avoid carrying heavy objects on your head: the weight from heavy objects could squeeze the forehead up into horizontal layers. Making this a habit could make this layers become permanent.

These are just few tips among a lot, but following these few tips could go a long way in maintaining your young blemish free look.

Enjoy the joy of having a blemish free look.




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