Eyeshadows and Mascara: Beauty Tips You Need To Give You That Awesome Look

Peters Precious Oshone

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Eyeshadows are an important part of your makeup session. They help to highlight your face and project your beautiful eyes. Eyeshadows come in liquid, cream and dry variations. They can be in both compound and loose power forms.

We have matte eyeshadow, semi-matte eyeshadow and iridescent (shimmer) eyeshadow. The iridescent eyeshadow and bright coloured eyeshadow highlight features on your eyes, while the darker colours recede features on you.

Note: If you have puffy or hooded eyes, apply iridescent shades sparingly  avoid overly bright colours. Instead use matte darker shades.

Also, mature skins use iridescent eyeshadows sparingly.

After applying cream eyeshadow, lightly dust powder on it to set it in place before continuing your makeup.

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Preshy dainties

You can use an eyeshadow sponge, or a brush or even your finger tips to apply your eyeshadows.

Now over to mascara. Mascara adds drama to your eyes in just seconds. It opens up your eyes and adds depth and volume to your eye lashes. Different colors exist in the mascara world. We have clear mascaras, black, blue, brown and even green mascaras. We also have purple mascaras.

The technique used when applying mascara, can make a lot of difference.

Below are simple steps on how to apply your mascara correctly:

– for upper eye lashes, place the wand as close to the eyelid as possible without touching the skin.

– place the mascara wand from the top of the lash and press into the hairs. Make sure that you take as much hair as possible in the wand.

– jiggle the wand a little, then roll the wand outwards and upwards from the eyelid. This gives fuller lashes.

– for lower lashes, pick the lashes one at a time with the wand.

With a perfect mascara application and a perfect blend of eyeshadows, your face should look radiant and beautiful.


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