Edith Nelo Okafor, professionally known Ednaco, is a fast rising music star, and an actress who has featured in several Nollywood movies. She is beautiful, bold, and multi-talented. For many who have listened to her songs, Ednaco represents the future of Nigerian music.


The singer from Abia state, Nigeria, recently dropped a single titled, ‘Carry On,’ on the 1st of May 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Ednaco’s Carry On is a fight song with inspirational lyrics to promote focus in the midst of daunting challenges, telling her listeners to stand for themselves even in the midst of doubts.

In a short interview with Cosmic Ray Magazine regarding her latest single, the singer, songwriter, stage performer, actress and a Skincare Expert, has this to say;

“I thought of a way to cheer people up especially in this trying time. And boom! Carry On came to my mind. Even if you don’t feel that good about yourself, you still have potential in you. So, Carry on.”


Ednaco started her music career in 2016 with a group known as Funstarz: a singing group of two members, consisting of Ednaco and her elder brother Stanley Obina, known as Ruff Rasta. They did a couple of songs together, before moving on to individual projects.

 Ednaco dropped her first single titled, ‘Freaky’, in October, 2019.  Freaky is a trendy and catchy Afro – dancehall song. The song got her deals, shows, and positive response from her colleagues, friends and fans.

Watch video here.

The curvaceous actress is very passionate about music. In her words, she says; “It’s relaxing to me. Music takes me to a whole new world where there are no worries, assignments or deadlines. My goal for music has no limit, and that’s why I want to make music forever. I believe that when you really like something, you often don’t give it a second thought. I believe so much in what I do, and when you believe in something and want that particular thing, it can happen but you have to work for it.”


As her fans are currently enjoying her new single, she has this to tell them;

“Expect more singles from me, back to back.”


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