Are You Under-dressed, Perfectly Dressed or Over-dressed?

Amoo Kristin

Some might assume there is no such thing as perfection. Well, I disagree. In fashion, my idea of perfection is not when you are dressed to the nines with all the expensive pieces you own. Perfection is when your ensemble, accessories, hair and make-up are all in perfect symmetry to the point that you attract positive attention. You could be expensively attired and still not draw admiring glances from people. You might think you don’t care but let’s face it, the only reason you spend time, money and energy trying to look good is because you want to be seen and appreciated. Are You Under-dressed, Perfectly Dressed or Over-dressed?

Whatever event you intend to attend, make sure you aren’t overdressed (you’ll look like you tried too hard to be impressive) and you sure shouldn’t be overdressed (you’ll look like you don’t fit in).

Yup, fashion is about expressing your inner creative convictions, but it does not give you the right to disregard basic and sensible conventions. You cannot wear shorts and a tank to a birthday dinner at a classy restaurant. You cannot wear an evening dress to a birthday celebration at the pizza place around the corner at noon.

There are a number of negativities attached to being wrongly dressed at an occasion.

  1. You would feel out of place
  2. You’ll become uncomfortable, you won’t even remember to enjoy yourself and you’ll wish the event would end sooner than later.
  3. People won’t forget what you wore. You’ll always be the girl/guy that was oddly dressed. And yes, your dressing can be a turnoff to someone who might actually find you attractive.

No matter how rich you are or how dazzling your closet is, do not lump all you’ve got into one outfit, rather than the admiration you wanted, you’ll only be termed a show-off.

There are stores that are not as expensive as you might think. Once in a while, plunge into your savings and spoil yourself with an outfit that won’t make you feel inferior. And if you do not have something suitable for an event, sit at home with family rather than feeling miserable in the midst of strangers. We all know confidence could come from looking good. Dress well, look good, radiate self-confidence and you’ll attract the right attention.




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