Often times, some of us think we are in a relationship with someone, but that person may really not be interested in us anymore. You keep pushing and putting in your all, but he or she doesn’t want you anymore.

To know early enough that your partner doesn’t want you anymore, below are the signs you must take note of.

1. No Longer Calls or Call less

At the start of the relationship, both of you are always calling to check up on each other, and that call ritual goes on until one is no longer interested in the relationship for one reason or the other. He or she reduces the calls (he/she calls less and doesn’t take your calls regularly like before). Sometimes, he/she may not call throughout a whole week.

2. Starts Having Arguments over Nothing

When your partner doesn’t want you anymore, arguments ensue. He or she starts arguing with you over nothing. You no longer say anything that makes sense before him or her. He or she is now the ‘only one’ that makes sense. Your once sweet conversations gradually shift into a mere questionnaire; no longer interesting.

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3. Gets Angry Easily

He or she doesn't want you anymore

When your partner has made up his or her mind to leave you, he or she gets angry at you over nothing. What ordinarily should make no one angry gets him or her angry and starts acting like a provoked ram.

4. Stops Respect for You

He or she no longer respect you like before. You’re no longer important to him or her. You would be talking to him and he’ll be busy pressing his phone as if no one is talking to him. His attitude towards you becomes nonchalant.  

5. Not Happy To See You

He or she is no longer happy when you’re around. When you’re at a place together or you visit him or her, he or she looks for ways to ensure you leave or he leaves.

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6. Stops Showing You Favours or Giving You Gifts

If he or she used to show you some favours, he or she suddenly stops showing it, and if this your partner used to buy you gifts, he or she no longer buys.

When you notice the above signs, know that your partner doesn’t want you anymore. Do yourself a favour by telling yourself the bitter truth, and then move on. Always bear in mind that you’re worth more than a million diamonds. If that person doesn’t want you anymore, there’s a better person out there who wants you and needs you. Your life does not start and end with that person. Never be afraid to leave and move on with your life.



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