How To Overcome Depression Despite The Painful Odds

Peters Precious Oshone

Due to increasing stories of suicide attempts and deaths resulting from suicide, the topic of depression is becoming a common topic for discussion on social media and the likes. I read some write-ups and comments from certain people and some of them sound really insensitive.

Many people don’t understand that depression kills faster than HIV. Because they have never been there, they feel it’s stupid to conclude that depression made a person kill him/herself. After all, our African world is full of juju and magic that can lure people into killing themselves. But no matter how alien it is to you, depression is real and those experiencing it need love and attention.

Even a nursing mother or those that have gone through a surgery, often find themselves suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (a form of depression). If you are depressed or you ever find yourself heading towards depression, here are a few things you can do to overcome it:

Don’t be a loner

 Learn to stay around people. Join an activity group in your church or workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are directly interacting with them or not. You could be around people you don’t even know while still doing your own stuff. An example is reading in a public place or a library or even browsing in a park. These are things you can do alone in your room. But chances are that you can fall into a depressed state when something unexpectedly triggers it. When you are around other people, chances are that the effects of depression won’t be as bad as when you are alone coiled up on your bed. People that commit suicide hate to do it when someone is watching, so they won’t be stopped. Be around people.

Stay away from your triggers

Don’t lure yourself into the arms of depression. You know what gets you started on a bad or angry mood. Do your best to stay away from it. Don’t set yourself up for destruction. Protect your mind from unwanted thoughts by staying away from things that trigger them.

Make yourself happy

Don’t wait for anyone to cheer you up. Not everyone is sympathetic with a depressed person or is even aware of how to handle them. Your closest partner might even put you in a worst state of depression when you try to crave sympathy. So, learn to do what you love every minute of the day, and forget about the opinion of the entire world.

Develop self-love

Tell yourself every day that you’re the best thing that has happened to planet earth. Keep convincing yourself that if you die, the world will lose a great gem. No matter how you think others fee about you, keep seeing yourself as a world VIP. Love yourself to a point that killing yourself would feel like a taboo to you. Read inspirational and spiritual books that help to build the inner you. Listen to good inspiring songs. Watch comedy instead of movies that help in showing you how cruel the world is. Love yourself.

Talk to God daily

Even if you think no one cares about you, make out time every day to pour out your heart to the one who is never tired of listening. It doesn’t matter if you are even angry with God; talk to him, he listens to us all.

 Get a psychiatrist

Don’t wait till you start planning on which is the easiest way to kill yourself. As soon as you notice things are beginning to get out of hand, talk to someone. If you can’t afford a psychiatrist, talk to your pastor or someone you know would have the patience to listen and also give you wise counsel.

Don’t die in silence. Depression is like a deadly worm; kill it before it kills you.



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