Decision making may be a first step in starting a relationship, but it remains a continuous process, never ending, as a decision would have to be made from one point to the other.
Decision making is the action or process of making important choices at different points or stages in life. This also means taking a stand or verdict in any given situation. In our relationships mist especially, we are faced with the challenge of deciding and acting based on these decisions which includes, the type of partner we want, the path to take when the relationship is smooth or not, and so on.
 Starting, staying or leaving a relationship are all decisions, but one question we should always ask ourselves is, ‘what is my decision based on?’. Your decision should not be based on what people say, your fantasy, materialism, fame, money, power and so on. Rather it should be based on your convictions (because you are convinced it is the right thing to do). But in doing this, you must always consider your partner first, before any other person or factor.decision
Never be in a hurry when making a decision in your relationship bearing in mind that sometimes, ‘it is better to act slowly than act wrongly and quickly ‘.Think about the outcomes of your decisions before taking the bold step. For every decision made, there are consequences, good or bad. Maturity demands you always take responsibility for the outcome of the decisions you make. That is why you should not allow anyone to decide for you in your relationship.
Decisions come with either positive or negative outcome, and until you’re convinced of a positive outcome, do not be in hurry to make one.
Any decision taken should be between you and your partner based on conviction and mutual agreement.



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