The Dangers Of Nagging In A Relationship

Relationship 101 With Kahlan

About a century ago, the great Napoleon the third of France, fell in love and married Marie Eugene Ignace, countess of Teba, who was the most beautiful woman in the world then. He married her despite his advisors’ disagreement to it.

They had wealth, fame, power, money, and everything needed for a perfect romance, except for one thing; nagging. Alas, this beautiful union could not last because, even though Napoleon could make Eugene an Empress, nothing in the power of his love or his throne could keep her from nagging.

She was plagued by jealousy and suspicions. She flouted his orders, denied him even a show of privacy, and broke into his office at her will.  Even when he was most busy, she refused to leave him alone, always fearing he was with another woman.

The result? I bet you guessed right!

She finally succeeded in driving her husband straight into the arms of other women where he could at least have his peace and sanity.

It is said that the greatest tragedy of Abraham Lincoln wasn’t  even his assassination but his marriage. For almost a quarter of a century, Mrs Lincoln nagged and harassed the life out of him, always complaining and criticising everything; from the way he spoke to how he dressed, walked and talked.

Lincoln always dreaded his home and sought to be away from his wife.

I could go on and on with citing  examples of great men whose marriages were their nemesis.

The average Nigerian Family is quite very familiar with this.

Mothers, spouses, or wives who enjoy nagging as much as ants enjoy sugar could talk from now to eternity about absolute irrelevances and seasoning their talks with self pity. Blaming, condemning and criticising everyone but them self.

In the course of this write up, I took time out to interview a hand full of married men and single people in relationships. 65 percent of them complained bitterly about how much their spouses nag and complain. And the funny thing was, 90 percent  of the people that admitted to having a nagging partner were males.

Why do women nag? I would really love to have your input in this.

One particular man actually said that the only time he ever gets peace in his home, is whenever his wife is away at work or somewhere. He said the minute she comes back, he has this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

No union or relationship will be successful with a nagging partner. Nagging breeds strife, unhappiness, disgust and eventually, hatred. People who nag drive everyone around them either mad or away.

Nagging doesn’t change anyone or anything. Instead it changes people’s attitude towards you and brings about tragedy.

Nagging is dangerous to your family or relationship. Watch it.


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