How To Create A Flawless Skin And Look Radiant

Omotolani Bishi

There is no denying that, great make up looks even better on beautiful and flawless skin. So when it comes to your complexion, cleanliness should be next to godliness. In Western society, women start paying attention to their skin care, way too late. In Africa, I was taught that the skin you take care of in your teens and 20s is the skin you’ll inherit in your 30s, 40s and beyond. My mother looks incredible and hasn’t gone anywhere near botox needle.

For Oily Skin

Are you prone to pimples? Black heads or white heads? Do you have large pores? Does your face look shiny when you wake up, mostly in the T-zone, HT-zone area, across the forehead and down the nose and the chin? Does your foundation wear off after a couple of hours?


Sea salt, Face Wash, 2 in 1, cleanser toner base.

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