Create a style that works for you.

    Poise & Elegance


Hello people! I trust you have had a blessed 2015. Remain positive, strong and happy in the few days to the end of the year. I would be giving you amazing tips in this column as it relates to fashion, makeup and your total well being. It is going to be an exciting RIDE!

This edition is on How to create a style that works for you.

Style refers to your outward appearance .It is an expression of the total combination of the way you dress, your makeup, your thoughts, emotions, interests and mannerisms. It shows how you express your inner being outwardly; everything on the outside is a true reflection of what’s in the inside.

Regardless of your age, STYLE should never be an uptight exercise in looking perfect, at its best be Glamorous, Real, trendy and NEVER Boring.

1.) Makeup –Your makeup must be on point. Makeup is an instant confidence booster; it must not be loud but suit your personality and the occasion.

Different occasion

v NATURAL MAKEUP –To achieve natural makeup, you apply earth tone colours close to your skin tone.

v DAY/WORK MAKEUP –This is everyday makeup you wear to work just like the name implies, it must not be loud, it is suitable for the office environment, meetings, seminars, and presentations.

v NITE/PARTY MAKEUP– This must be louder; it tends to bring out your beauty even while it is dark.

2.) Fashion trends evolve and so should you. Do not be stuck in a particular fashion era. Listed below are a few things to consider when trying to create a style that suits your personality.

v Always crave for sophistication

v Simplicity –keep it simple, simplicity is the keystone of true elegance.


v Classic style – This is Chic & simple. It has an external elegance. It is affordable, cost efficient and also flexible. This style uses subtle accessories that would strengthen the total power effect without begging for attention.

v Creative style -This look has no standard rulebook, When you think creative: you’re thinking bold, confident and expressing yourself which makes your style unique. There are no boundaries for the creative dresser, they are constantly reinventing styles.

v Vintage style –This simply means fashion pieces originating from a different era; they are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from many decades. They are simply timeless! Pieces revolving back to the fashion scene, they can be gotten from older relatives, and auctions.

v Ultra clam style –This style is pure elegance, sophistication with total confidence. It is about commanding respect and making an entrance. Simply DROP DEAD GORFEOUS. Owning your looks and taking your place in the spotlight, it is taking the extra effort and attention to details. When you think


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