Concealers and Face Powders: What You Need To Know

Peters Precious Oshone

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Concealers are like foundations. But they are thicker, denser and with more pigment. Concealers come in tubes, stick and creams. They are used to cover blemishes, dark spots, red patches, veins, under eye circles and generally all skin discolorations. Many ladies skip this very important makeup item even though their skin seriously requires it. Never be in a hurry to do your makeup. Whether you think you have blemishes or not, do get a concealer and include it in your makeup kit. Your concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Note: You can add concealers before or after the foundation.

Sometimes, the foundation is enough to cover the dark circles and flaws, but if this is not enough then the concealer will give better coverage.

Concealers can be mixed with crème or liquid eyeshadows or with your moisturizer.

preshy dainties concealers
Preshy dainties

Face powders are available in either compact or loose forms. We have different powders doing different things. The most common basic form is the one you are used to; pigmented powders (mostly known as brown powder), used to set the foundation after it has been applied to the face.

Note: try and look out for the ones that are non-comedogenic i.e it will not block your skin pores.

The types available in the market today include:

  1. Oil-absorbing powder: this can absorb excess oil from the skin and can be used both before and after the foundation/concealers.
  2. Bronzing powder (bronzer): effective for giving the face a glow or illuminating the face for highlighting face features. Should be used after applying foundation/concealers.
  3. Translucent powder: totally colourless and same powder can be used on all skin tones. Very good for setting concealers or foundation.

That’s all for today. Hope you had a nice time learning more about your concealers and face powders. Keep having fun as we continue going through ‘your make-up kit’ in the next edition. Cheers!


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