Cohabiting: Should I legalize My Relationship Or Not?

Peters Precious Oshone


Cohabiting is a word we use for lovers that live together. As human right laws increase, the freedom to live the way we want is at its zenith and we find more and more unmarried couples cohabiting. Some even start a family in the process and life just goes on. Children are brought into the picture and the major part of the year is spent chasing a business or career, trying to make ends meet.

Only once in a while, the thought of making the union official creeps in. But then, it’s waved aside for the moment till a more ‘convenient’ time. Or for some of us, a whole life time goes by and if there is no candid reason to bring up the issue, well what’s the big deal anyway?

So, the economy is hard and we love each other and we really don’t have time or resources we need to do a big wedding and start a family, can’t we just room-in for now? Or, I don’t think I want to risk commitment to her right now. Marriage is a big step. Let’s just be together for now.

These and many more are reasons people end up cohabiting without going legal. Well, here’s why I think you should take your relationship to the legal realm if you really want to start a family with that person:

  1. It’s the responsible thing to do. Even family visas are not given to cohabiting couples. And the reason is simple, you are either a family or you are not. Even if you have ten kids together; you are not recognized as a family until you all bear the same surname or at least you have a certificate to show for it. Getting married legally earns your family, respect.
  2. It’s the safest way to go. This is mostly for the ladies. Your body changes with each delivery. If things eventually goes south (as we have seen happen again and again), the man will walk free as a bird and start over with someone else (after all he’s not legally bound to you), while you are left confused as to where to begin. Even for guys; that dream girl that has been living in your house for three years can suddenly be swept off her feet by some other guy and you are left to start searching again.

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  3. Cohabiting is an eye opener. Just like marriage, cohabiting brings out the complete personality of your lover. And that is one reason many single people, particularly ladies, are still unmarried. They cohabit with every one they call lover and end up getting dumped. Be wise! Insist on doing the right thing. You mustn’t do a big wedding. Going to a registry is far cheaper than you think. Or if it’s the African traditional marriage that is chasing you away, well, start saving up for it.
  4. Marriage is a sacred union. There’s nothing sacred or holy about cohabiting. But when it’s official, it becomes sealed and signed by God. And if that is true, then you are sure to receive His blessings on your home. Even parental blessings usually go with a legal union. So why skip all the blessings. You are not married until you are married.

So why cohabiting? Just get married already! I love to see you enjoy those sweet blessings. Cheers!


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