Coconut Oil Amazing Benefits


The use of coconut oil, for skin correction, and other health ailments has been in existence for ages, and the results are quite amazing. Here are some benefits of the use of coconut oil.

Anti-Aging and Scar Removal

Coconut oil, is good for the skin; it nourishes and aids in clearing dark spots and scars, when applied to the entire body and affected area. Apply the oil and tumeric powder on the face at night before going to bed, and wash with warm water, also in the morning before taking a bath; it helps as an anti-aging agent.

Stretch Mark Removal

This is one of the major benefits of this oil. If you are having lots of stretch marks, after child’s birth, or as a result of bad body cream, apply original oil religiously, within few weeks the stretch marks will start fading away.

Hair Growth

Some people have hair problems, which can be very embarrassing sometimes. To make your hair grow rapidly, especially your baby hair, apply the oil on it frequently, it aids the repair of damaged  hair and help the finger nails grow longer.

Loss Of Belly Fat

To shade off Belly fat, and look pretty fabulous in that gorgeous dress, you can also use Coconut Oil, to reduce belly fats. This oil, with honey mix in a glass of lemon water, take last thing at night and first thing in the morning, it helps with the reduction of belly fat.

Coconut oil is good for consumption if processed properly, and there are other more benefits of coconut oil.


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