CMM Africa: Making Super Models

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CMM Africa

CMM Africa is a family and every model is a jewel to be treated like a queen.

Cosmic Model Management Africa, known as CMM Africa, is a modelling agency determined to set a new and unique beauty into the modelling world.

CMM Africa is aimed at grooming young girls with the right statistics (physique) into professional models, equipping them with sound modelling etiquette and morals that uphold the revered dignity of the virtuous lady in the fashion and entertainment world.

The agency is formed by three partnering companies which operate in different fields, the aim which is to build a solid team of ownership which will enhance solid growth and success of the agency.

These three partnering companies operate in the media, fashion, and beauty industry respectively. CMM Africa is an agency set to train sets of new models and export them, both locally and internationally.

CMM Africa will in short time become the first choice Modelling Agency in Nigeria and across Africa.

Modelling agency is not a new thing, but we believe in doing what is not new in an extraordinary way, and thereby making it super extraordinary; recreating what you know into a new pleasant reality before you.

Our modus operandi is different from the regular agencies we are used to, and we are setting a new pace in the Modelling World with the uniqueness of our brand.

Our primary objective is to groom intending models into super models, set a new blueprint in the modelling industry, help models to realise their dreams, promote conservative modelling as against nudity and sexual harassments, export models both locally and internationally.

CMM Africa is a family and every model is a jewel to be treated like a queen.CMM Africa

We believe that beauty and elegance are not dependent on nudity, and we are therefore not in business of selling nudity, but a godly agency penetrating the fashion industry, beauty and cosmetics, entertainment industries, and many others who yearn for our brand.

Our determination to pick the right models with the right statistics and groom them into high class super models that will stand out at any event or companies’ model casting, thereby excelling in the jobs they are hired to do, is one of our ways of making African Top Models.

We have gone out and spoken with several models, and each of them complained about the following; exploitation, discrimination, and fraudulent modelling agencies.

We are therefore determined to right these wrong practices by addressing these problems and changing the industry for good.

We are working with the best fashion designers, makeup companies and makeup artists, beauticians, cosmetic companies, events planners and organizers, and many more, to ensure our presence where it really matters.

Connect with CMM Africa through our official and WhatsApp line 08186210121 or via email


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