3 Reasons Why Your Wife Will Cheat On You

Elizabeth Nnaji

Ever caught your wife cheating on you? Or you’re suspecting she’s cheating? How does that make you feel? Emotionally troubled, I guess? And you feel your ego has been trampled upon. What then? What next? How do you see her from the moment you discover? A bitch or a prostitute? Please hold on a second. Have you for once consider there could be some reasons why she’s cheating? Now, let’s see what those reasons could be.

  1. Not Into Each Other.

You were into each other before you married her, but now you prefer to spend more time with your outside friends. You’re more like strangers living in the same house. She is not your friend. She desperately craves your attention, but she can’t find it. And you so much believe that the loads of foods and the shelter you provide, covers for all or makes you a good husband. A woman is baby, and if the baby cries for long and can’t find the mother to comfort her, she gives her arms to any person willing to carry her and care for her. Soon, your wife finds a friend in the opposite sex who is always there to listen to her and make her smile. Someday… just someday, the human nature in her would make cheat on you unintentionally.cheat

  1. Sixty Seconds Man.

You didn’t marry your wife a virgin. She had a good experience. She was probably getting to cloud nine with a one thousand five hundred seconds man before fate brought you together, and now she’s down with your sixty seconds; sometimes it doesn’t even take you up to sixty seconds before bursting your tube. She’s been enduring this for long and you’re not willing to do something about it. There is a one thousand five hundred seconds out there whistling to her. And sometimes you’re angry because she denies you the opportunity to exercise your sixty seconds. Come on! You shouldn’t blame her, how would you feel when someone brings food for you, allows you to smell the good aroma , salivating, and then the person takes the food away from you before you even take one spoon? Bad, right? That’s how she feels when you cum before she hits the gear to cloud nine. The way you would that the person doesn’t bring the food at all, is the way your wife wills you don’t start that process at all.

  1. When You Avoid Sex.

Sex doesn’t interest you, right? Well, it interests your wife. You’re always complaining that you’re too tired, but she’s not. What then? She should go to hell for all you care? Oh come on, man, you’re a couple, and your sexual organ isn’t just there inbetween your legs for nothing, don’t make it some sort of unused furniture. If she’s desperate for it and you can’t give it to her, she would find someone who would give it to her.

And lastly however, there is never an excuse for committing a sin, some women may cope and endure under the above circumstances, but some can’t, because not all human can overcome temptations. You can help her weakness in the face of temptation that she might overcome, by doing your duty in bed as the man. A sexually frustrated woman easily loses control and she’s liable to cheat. Control her by what she needs from you before her troubled emotions control her.

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