The excruciating pain was life threatening. She cried into deaf ears. This was it. She was about to die. She could hardly turn her face to look at Cassandra who also was weeping bitterly.

“Lord, take my life!” Sonia screamed. She could take it no more. She sensed the coming of another demon into her while its foreskin hit on her perineum, groping for the core entrance. “God please I want to die!” It penetrated rudely into her like the previous two, but was more violently brutal than the last two men’s.

Sonia was literally gasping as his mammoth demon continued hitting inside of her. She could make no resistance, her hands were pinned down by one of the men who had had his turn on her, one of her legs spread aside and sat upon by another, whilst the current rapist on her controlled the other leg.

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As the mammoth demon persistently hit into Sonia with the agonizing pain it brought, her greatest and only hope now was death. She was in the middle of God knows where, being gang-raped by criminals. There was no one coming for their rescue. She eagerly waited for death. The sharp pains from her vaginal tears were hellishly tormenting.

Sonia could not hear Cassandra crying so loud anymore. She thought they were done with her while this beast on top her had spent several minutes inside her and refused to cum, unlike the previous two whom she thought spent between two and five minutes to arrive at a cum.

They were six men; three to one girl. The living room was eerily large and had little wretched furniture. There was no TV but an audio player. They had increased the sound system to the highest volume some minutes ago when the girls’ cries got really loud. Though the doors and windows were properly shut, they needed to be sure the girls’ voices were adequately contained here by increasing the volume of the sound system.

Though the audio volume was at its loudest, Sonia could hear the wailing from Cassandra, until now that she no longer heard her voice.  

The monster got off her after several minutes of brutal sex, having discharged into her. Though the demon had been withdrawn from her body, the pains remained excruciatingly life threatening.

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Just when Sonia thought they would stop and let her go, another stood over her head on the floor, running his hand over his erected little demon, calling on her to look at it. She obeyed with a frustrated stare, wondering why God was yet to take her life away from this ugly world.

What has happened to Cassandra? Why isn’t she crying anymore? Sonia thought, turned her head to look Cassandra’s side. The three men stood beside her as she lied naked on the floor, her face appeared to be gazing on the ceiling.

“You’re going to love this little man inside your mouth, girl,” the man standing over her told her, still running his hand on it.

Sonia felt really frightened. How would she welcome a stranger’s demon inside her mouth? Though she’d seen ladies sucked men in the few porn movies she’d seen, she’d never done it. She only got deflowered by her sister’s boyfriend some hours ago. She threw her stare away from his little demon.

“No… no… no… don’t do that,” he said to her, “you have to look at the food you’re about eating, girl.”

Food. Eating. Sonia thought. Those two words brought her courage, the one she was certain would lead to her own death in just few seconds from now. Oh yeah? Bring it on, you fool. She closed her eyes for a moment. Lord, it’s time. Take me.

He brought his knees down to the floor, guiding his little demon into Sonia’s mouth. Brusquely, with her last strength, Sonia picked it like a crocodile picks its prey, sinking her teeth firmly through his little demon and pulling with her teeth. He wailed fiercely loud, alarming his gang members. Before they could rescue him from Sonia’s mouth, she spat out a larger part of his penis on the floor, and her mouth soaked with blood. Blood spilled profusely from his damaged sexual organ. Sonia sighed deeply and waited for her death coming in seconds.

To Be Continued


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