Reasons for Break-ups in Relationships: How You Can Avoid Them.

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

A year ago, a certain lady posted on Facebook how her supposed fiancé dumped her; and then a friend of hers commented; “Ah! Another one again? Sorry dear.” Obviously, she’d had a chain of break-ups, with numerous ex-partners to her credit.

Really, why do partners break-up?

Below are the major reasons, and rules which can also help you to avoid being break-ups; if only you follow the rules.

  1. Biting the Meat You Can’t Chew and Swallow: Most broken relationships were never meant to be. People bite the meat they cannot chew and swallow. Why sink your teeth into a meat you know you cannot chew and swallow?

You desire to marry a slim lady, but you have dated this chubby lady for years, now she’s pregnant for you, and you say to your friends; ‘God forbid, I will not marry that fat girl.’ So you didn’t notice she’s fat before you spread her legs and sewed a seed in her? Oh you didn’t think the seed would germinate! I see.

Hey, young lady, you’ve been dating this dude for long, and now he’s decided to propose marriage to you, and this is your reaction; ‘babe, that dude is too fat; don’t you see his big pot-belly? And to make matters worse, his body odour is hell, and he snores like a sick cow; I won’t marry him O, God forbid.’

Really? But you have been cuddling him on that pot-belly for long: now all of a sudden you have a sense of smell, did you block your nostrils all this while? You didn’t know he snores when he took you out to beautiful places and treated you like a queen, and in his house you spread your thighs open for him like the promiscuous she-goat stooping to receive the he-goat’s anointing from behind?

You’re an ethnic bigot, but you’re dating someone from a different tribe, and when you’re ready to marry, you’ll tell your partner; ‘I’m sorry, I can only marry from my tribe; my parents won’t support me if I marry from another tribe,’ after you have wasted your partner’s time, to add the partner to your list of break-ups?

Why do you go into a relationship with someone you know you can’t be serious with? Could it be a case of; ‘let me just have a taste of him, eat his money, and dump him later’? Or ‘she is cute, let me just explore the ocean betwixt her legs, and enjoy the succulent oranges on her chest, but she’s not what I want for a wife’? Or it’s just to expand your break-ups level?

For most break-ups caused by this, there are two partners; one who had negatively predestined the end, and the other who had positively predestined the future of the union.

The latter often gives his/her all to make it work, thereby ignoring every inkling of a necessarily doom, whilst the former secretly mocks his/her prey.

However, the player would at some point display some attitudes conspicuous enough to attract suspicion, but the innocent mind that seems to have been newly christened Endurance, turns a blind eye.

Here is what you can do to avoid break-ups.

RULE 1:    Only bite the meat you can chew and swallow: Go for that person who is worthy to be a life partner

Disobeying this rule will leave your heart broken. A disciplined, focused, and real guy or good lady goes only for a meat he/she can chew and swallow.

He/she knows just exactly the qualities he/she desires in a lady/man, puts his/her eyes on that until the dreamed partner is found.

He/she never plays with the hearts of the opposite sex that comes his/her way. Instead, he/she keeps them as friends and adds value to their lives. He/she never hurts them.

You must be able to decide what you want, and then what you need, and go for it.

When you play with one’s heart, another is smarter than you that would play with yours. Relationship is not a game to play the smartest one, but a divine union to glorify God and have a beautiful and happy life.

With this, you can avoid break-ups.

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