Benefits Of Sucking Breast


There are lots of benefits derived from the sucking of a female’s breast. In this article, we will be looking at few facts.

  1. Helps To Detect Cancer

Sucking and fondling your woman’s breast help in detecting and saving her from the risk of breast cancer. When it’s done often, any lump in the breast can be detected on time and taken out, which can prevent a woman from having her breast cut off, if it happens to result to breast cancer.

  1. It Helps To Make Babies Healthy

When you see a baby that takes good breast milk constantly, and a baby that takes cow milk or monkey milk, you can easily tell the difference. It makes babies grow healthy and strong, and also fight other diseases and build up babies immune system.

  1. Builds Up Intimacy.

Sometimes some married people forget this, all they need to do to spice up their romance life. Some just go straight to the business of the day, which is sometimes not so fun. Sucking your woman’s breast often create intimacy, also some men feels it to when same thing is done to them.


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