Ben and Caro: The Love That Ended Too Sudden

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys


The early hours of the night had become whispering silence, accentuated with coldness that thirsted for warmth. Street lights swept the city ambience with dazzling lights. Ben stood by the lady whom the thoughts of her had enslaved his mind.

Whilst his old time dream swelled, loading his heart with such an emotional weight, he stared around, and looked over his broad shoulder. He could see no one, except vehicles moving to and fro. Then he looked at her, a street light facing them bathed her with its white rays, and made her beauty to glow the more, as she leaned against the gate to her father’s compound, patiently waiting for his words.

He thought the words to woo a woman and have her stuck on you, were not just mere words, but sweet bullets, and a man needed to be a good marksman to know where to hit a woman with these words to knock her off her pretty feet. He’d long prepared his speech for this night, but every word he’d kept in his arsenal had deserted him.

“Ben, you’re not saying anything.” Caroline said to him. Her statement broke loose cold worms of confusion in him. He drew closer to Caroline.

“Uhmm… I just…” Ben stammered, paused, and stared at Carol. She grinned, and gestured at him to go on.

“I’m listening”

Ben cocked his head down. What was he to say next? His eyes stayed on Carol’s feet. She wore her home slippers that clearly displayed her pretty feet with nice set of toes well positioned. Her toenails were clean and natural. He’d always seen Carol’s feet well covered with her shoes, and he’d often wondered why she never wore shoes that displayed her toe nails, thinking she was a pigeon-toed lady.

Ben detested a No for an answer. How much can a No from a woman cost? As costly as hell! A silent voice screamed aloud in his head. A Yes will sure be as costly as heaven. He thought. He looked straight into her eyes. A little courage seemed to have crept into him.

“We have known each other for quite a long time now” He said.

“That’s right” She confirmed that in her usual soft and tender voice that Ben thought was more beautiful to listen to, than a sweet song.

“You’re a very pretty lady; a wonderful beauty to behold.”

“I hear that every day. But thanks anyway.” she said, moved a little away from the gate, stood by the gutter beside the road, and her arms akimbo on her well roundly curved hip. Ben walked behind; his eyes went to her buttock. The night gown she wore tucked into the anal cleft of her big butt.

If only she’s mine already, I would have loved to slap this butt. Ben thought to himself.

“But above your look, I truly admire the person in you. Your attitude and your intelligence are so remarkable.”

“Oh thank you”

Ben paused. He thought of what to say next. Why don’t you just go straight to the point and save yourself some time?  That same voice advised him. What if I do and she shuns me? He thought.  And so, is that going to kill you?  The voice said. He cleared his throat. ‘I’m a man,’ he encouraged himself.

“Carol, I just want you to know that…” He paused; his big heart was now beating faster than usual. “I love you. I have long fallen in love with you.” He finally spilled out the words that had become so difficult. Carol was silent. “I need you to be mine, Carol. Please, give me a chance to love you.”

Carol turned to him. His heart feared for what Caroline was about to say.

“Ben, I’m going to be real with you, because I’m a blunt person,” she said, Ben bent his head to the ground, not daring to look at her in the eyes. “I’ve actually waited for this moment. I’ve always adorn you, Ben. I love you” She added.

He could hardly believe her words.

“You do?”

“Yes, I do.”

Excitement flooded him.


Walking down the beach, and locked in each other’s arm, the new lovers chitchatted, whilst everyone at the beach looked at them. Ben marvelled at the attention their coming here had just commanded, particularly from men. He knew this was because of Caroline’s stunning beauty. He felt like the greatest hero on the planet, who has done what no one else has ever done.

By the sea shore, Ben stopped, pulled Carol to himself. He looked at her bright sexy eyes, her pretty pointed-nose, and her mouth he thought was the cutest in the world. His eyes moved down her chest. Her breast stood firmly on her chest. He thought it would take five sons to devour these breasts to make them fall, but not without fighting to resist that fall for years to come. He thought Carol was the most pretty and voluptuous lady on earth.

Then he went down his knees, and brought out a ring.

“Carol, please would you marry me?”

“Yes!” Carol agreed without hesitating.

He put the ring on her finger. He got on his feet, and their lips approaching each other to crown the excitement with a kiss.

Ben woke up from his sleep; his lips pressing on his pillow. “Oh damn it!” He said. Just a long dream this had been. It was now 5 a.m. Ben, a young graduate, had some companies to visit today to submit copies of his CV.


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