Behold Mistics, A Top Beauty Fashionista

Allwell Victoria

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Check out the Mistics Couture, a top fashion designer company owned by a renowned African beauty; Onome Ikhimioya. There is no doubt that Mistics Couture has graced the grounds of good success, as her rich designs have landed her great jobs from Nigerian celebrities. The likes of Yemi Alade, Kim Burell, Oge Okoye, Funke Akinoku, Ngozi Ezeonu and many others.

Mistics Coutoure is born out of passion and drive and has embraced the beauty world with unusual dazzling designs. It is a no wonder; her eight years old existence has blossomed tremendously.

Onome Ikhimioya’s good sense of fashion has shown itself true in her unique and bedazzling works on African fabrics with stones, pearls, beads and studs. Despite the deep beauty combo her designs portray, she denies no class the specialty and value of wearing her designs; “I create simple, trendy and affordable clothing for women, both in my couture and ready to wear collections for high-end clients”.

Onome Ikhimioya C.E.O Mistics Couture
Onome Ikhimioya
C.E.O Mistics Coutour

If life’s beauty is still a wonder you are yet to understand, then fathom some more incredible beauty with the Mistics Couture’s designs. The amazing thing is the beauty the Mistics speaks never stops getting better. So, keep your eyes rolling as her outfits stay stunning with thrilling expressions as…..”Oh my god!” (smiles)

Here are her designs;


Oh wow! I’m sure you think what I think; she is an amazing and creative designer.


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