Beauty Is Not Just About Having A Fine Face

Margaret Bailey

I love things been clean and orderly. From hair, to skin, to clothes and environment. Beauty is not just about having a fine face; it is about appreciating it and all that you have. My stomach turns whenever a human being looking unkempt. I am always like; this is not an animal kingdom.

       In the 18th century, there was something called the morning toilette. It was a ritual that the noble and wealthy people performed. A lady would invite her friends to come over and watch her get dressed. She would be dressed in an undergarment by her maid before the arrival of her guests in her dressing room. They would watch her and talk about recent events (mostly gossip) as her hair is dressed, make up is applied and her clothes are worn.

     These days, women leave home with their hair looking like a bird’s nest and go to bed in an oversized shirt and a pair of shorts that has been lying on the couch for days and they sleep smelling  like cow dung. What has happened to the ritual of brushing one’s teeth, bathing, combing the hair before putting it in a net, wearing a sexy night dress and yes, wearing some perfume. To me, that scent I perceive in the morning as I get out of bed is priceless.

       There was this incident that I would never forget. It happened when I had gotten so used to this ritual, that on rare nights when I would sleep without performing this ritual, I would wake up feeling weird.

       One night, I came home late from work and I was so tired that I decided to lie down for a while before having my bath. I woke up some minutes after midnight and went straight to the bathroom. My mum found out that I was bathing and ordered me out of the bathroom. From experience, I knew better than to stay a second longer in the bathroom. I left the bathroom with my soapy body and slept on the bed like that. It was terrible!

    There are certain skin problems that we have, that can be avoided by just washing and cleansing the face every night. In the article entitled ‘’ How to pamper your skin before bed” I will share with you, bedtime beauty routine and how to avoid treat some skin problems.


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