Be Yourself: Reasons for ‘Break-up’ in Relationships And How You Can Avoid Them (5)

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A lot of adults would say; ‘if he/she loves me, he/she will take me for who I am.’ Saying this shows you admit that your attitude can be unbearable. Don’t you really think you can be yourself when being yourself isn’t worth it?

The greatest height of selfishness is knowing that your attitude is very bad and not ready to make any adjustments and change, but desires your partner to take you for who you are; you frown at your partner’s resistance to your despicable manners, because you just want to be yourself.

You act as though your partner is a dead wood that should have no feelings, and he/she must bow to your authority and wishes no matter how unbearable these wishes can be.

RULE 5: Be to your partner what you would have your partner be to you.

 Like I always say, be yourself, only if being yourself is human friendly. You can’t afford to be yourself when your attitude is bestial, for no one desires to live in the same room with a scorpion.

If your attitude causes your partner to wrinkle his/her face, make a sincere effort to change and be better. Stop being selfish and recognize that your partner is not a dead wood, but a living being with emotions.

When you trample upon people’s emotions, you turn them into hostile creatures; therefore, if you desire to have your emotions protected, protect the other’s emotions, if you desire to be truly loved by your partner, then christen yourself ‘Love’ and love your partner truly and more.

If you want your partner to respect your wishes, respect your partner’s wishes too; be to your partner what you want your partner be to you.  Always remember that every human being desires to enjoy the other person’s good attitude just like you do, you cannot keep hurting the other’s emotions and expect love and care in return.

When it comes to relationship, give what you would like to receive.

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