Avoiding The Truth: Reasons for ‘Break-up’ in Relationships and How You Can Avoid Them (6)

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

I have discovered that majority of these heartbreaks are self-inflicted, sometimes because an over-loving partner fears the truth that could end the relationship or his/her desire. He or she has strong feelings for the partner (an intending partner in some cases), and all he or she wants is the satisfaction of those feelings. He or she is therefore blind to the truth; even when it’s clear enough the partner or intending partner has negative attributes that are detrimental to a relationship.

If your heart is broken, there are high chances that you willingly gave your heart out to be broken. Sometimes we tie the break-up to unforeseen circumstances, perhaps it can be true, but that’s why it’s important you know that person first before jumping into that relationship vehicle.

Most often, the signals blare in the air or whisper into your sub-consciousness that the person you’re dying for may never be yours. You get the inkling and choose to ignore it. Invariably, we choose to turn a blind eye to the dark corners of a book, and focus on the bright centre.

Every human is a book that needs to be studied. If only you can be bold enough to read the dark corners of every book you come across, and accept the hurting truth. How often we lie to ourselves and expect these beautiful lies to become true realities. Most of us are quick to conclude that love is blind. Love has never been blind, and will never be blind. Love sees very clearly. It’s only merciful and forgiving.

RULE 6: Learn to accept the truth on time

What is not yours will never be yours, and it’s not worth dying for. God has a partner created for every man/lady. Do not force yourself on someone. When it comes to desires, the mind is like a railway: no vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle can travel on it, except a train.

Do not seek to enter into a heart that is not meant for you, because you will only get yourself hurt when you do; just like a car would get damaged if it moves on a railway line.

 Tell yourself the truth when the realities of truth are still manageable, and do not let the truth be rudely thrown at you and have you shocked. For the ladies, I understand that urge to get married, especially when you are close to 30 or above 30, and so you want to do everything possible to impress and keep him.

The men understand this weakness, and readily take advantage of it. Be calm, and be the real lady with dignity: you’ll sure get married. There is an Adam for every Eve, and there is an Eve for every Adam; therefore do not be anxious and lose focus. Your own shall find you someday. Even if it takes too long, just live your life, you’ll definitely find that right partner.



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