Are Nigerian Celebrities More Beautiful On African Attires?

Allwell Victoria

My smiles are everlasting, knowing that the African fashion takes the lead in the fashion world. I hope this edition exposes that my long talks of the beauty and magnificent poise the African apparel gives an individual is no lie at all.

If you still have doubts, then check out our Nigerian celebrities. Aren’t they gorgeous? With no doubt, they are.  But here is the fun of the day. We want you to differentiate the poise, elegance and beauty, our Naija celebrities exhibit on English and African apparels. Take a appropriate look at the pictures below and tell us what you think? I am so sure the African style is the leading beauty ground ever. Prove me wrong, if you think differently (chuckles).

You are one comment away from proving me right or wrong. And I just can’t wait to hear you out (laughs).

Toke Makinwa in her hot show case of the African and modern beauty style.

Kate Henshaw’s smile is the beauty of the day. But, of course the African beauty smile beats the modern beauty smile (laughs). Or don’t you think?

Wow! Hot and handsome Ramsey Noah rocks the Reverend style, nice suit, and of course the African wear. Which beats your fancy? He sure does look really hot on the African attire, I must confess. What’s your confession to share on these pix?

Omosexy! What are we not saying? Isn’t there a clear difference here? She is stunning, no doubt. But the African attire is a clearer picture of her beauty (smiles).

I am so excited to see all these. Don’t hesitate to share your views. Which spell out the Nigerian celebrities just now.


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