How Acceptable Are Suggestive Clothes In Africa?

Allwell Victoria

We are Africans, and yes, it can be pretty sunny and burning in a completely outraging manner, but then, you don’t want to try the tempting mode of exposing your body vitals to the public. It kills the respect and value placed by our African culture. As important as it is to wear light and breathable fabrics, you have got to be careful not to wear revealing clothes. Men, do not wear shorts and ladies, do not wear bump shots or bust explosive wears. You surely don’t want to throw the values that accompany the African culture into a bin and live in your own small world.

I am not sure how exciting the above is to you. But, like I said, it is not to make you feel good, but to share summer truths in the African world to you. Okay, let’s not forget we have an exceptional weather that burns with sun one minute and pours down rain the next minute. So, its best you make readily available your umbrella, rain coat, cold jacket or sweater, shower caps (to prevent your lady-like hair from being wet by the rain down pour), rain boots or rubber foot wears, and you can go on and on to gather as much as would be needed to prevent cold, flu, or discomfort as the rain pours down in its own ways.

We are delightful to have you read this column. Feel free to share your view on African Fashion.



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