By Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

Tips To Get Over Heartbreak Quickly

  1.  KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING: Life, they say, is full of ups and downs, and if you have no vision, no idea of where you are going__ no dream; then the downs would dictate your future and blow you anywhere and everywhere it wills. But if you have a goal, with much determination and perseverance, you will gather your pieces and move on. No matter how it hurts, the beautiful picture of where you are going shall make you overcome the pains. Stand, and get over heartbreak!
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  2. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND FORGIVE WHO HURTS YOU: Forgiveness is that magic key to a peaceful freedom. Sometimes when we face difficult times, give up our will to anger and allow it to encroach our minds, with much hatred to ourselves and those who contributed to our plight, the best help you can give yourself is to forgive yourself and others (your partner or whomever it is that may have caused you the pain); only then you can think clearly.
  3. TALK TO GOD ABOUT IT: Pause the bitterness, talk to God. Be still and know he’s still God. He knows why.
  4. DON’T FOR ONCE IMAGINE YOUR PARTNER TO BE A GOD OR A GODDESS: “How could you?”, “How could he?”   “How could she”  “After all I have done?”  “I trusted you’’ “I thought I could trust you.’’ These are bitter questions you probably would never have an answer to.  Just remember that your partner isn’t God and perfection shouldn’t have been expected. Put off such thoughts and acknowledge your own fault, and move on!
  5. AVIOD LONELINESS: Being lonesome makes you have negative feelings that you feel the whole world is crumbling on you. Avoid it. Mingle with chirpy friends and stay away from people whose problems are similar to yours.
  6. BUILD YOURSELF A SELF ESTEEM: Suppress the inferiority complex in you with a feeling of self-worth.  Build a positive esteem__ a non-aggressive esteem. This would help you drop the “I can’t do without him/her” syndrome.  Acknowledging your self-worth keeps you reminded that there are better days ahead.
  7. DISDAIN THE IMPOSSIBLE: Sometimes we keep wishing for that which we can’t have and giving it such a worth it never would have in its entire life. Do not mope over him/her, rather display a profound contempt for him/her.  Ignoring the impossible is the best weapon to upset his/her ego and humble him/her. Try this, if your partner dumps you, show him for the first day that you truly care, but from the second day onward, pretend he/she doesn’t  exist, and see if he/her won’t come back begging. People like to be missed when they are gone, do not fall into their fantasy, but disdain him/her as though he/she never meant anything to you.
  8. NOTHING IS ABSOLUTELY GOOD AND PERFECT, LOOK OUT FOR THE IMPERFECTION AND MAGNIFY THEM: Never spend your time reminiscing the good times with him/her. Yes, he/she was good and probably great, but he/she wasn’t perfect.  Think of the imperfection in him/her; magnify the imperfections so they overshadow the good person in him/her and the good times with him. Only then you can start to think he wasn’t good for you after all, and he/she is not worth thinking of and the primary goal now would be to get a better person.

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