By Adebola Amudah

jealousy in marriage
Remember always that you and your partner aren't the only people in the World, you'll always communicate and relate with others, same or opposite sex.

These Factors Will Either Build Or Destroy Your Relationship

First thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they see the word “relationship” written in an article automatically is, “how to keep your man/woman.” If that is what you all are waiting for, then I’m really sorry. We all know how this works, girl meets boy, then comes love and everyone thinks it’s a bed of roses.  It’s wrong! Things don’t just sail smooth in the relationship avenue except with the help of both parties, and this brings me to the 7 factors:

MOTIVE: People really need to get this part settled. Lots of people complain about being confused with their relationship status with someone. Some are unsure of what they want while others don’t have a clue as to what they want. First of all, you need to make your intention clear to your partner, if it’s love you want…fine; you just want to be friends….good. You just need someone when your partner is acting up or you want the person for their money…….just make it clear. Another thing is, you don’t date someone to show-off the person to the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the ‘proud of my girl/guy’ thing. I am talking about the whole. ‘Yeah, I’m dating him/her because he/she is hot.’ You should never date people just to boost your ego. That is just so wrong and won’t last.

COMMUNICATION: This bit is really important. This is not about one party talking and forcing the other to listen, you both should take turns listening and talking so as to agree on what is right and what is not in the relationship.

TRUST: Just because you know your partner trusts you completely doesn’t mean you should take them for granted. They may be okay with everything you do at a point, like who you hang out with, excuses you give, etc. But like people say, everything has its limit, there would be a day that they wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.

JEALOUSY: A little bit of jealousy is cute, but when obsession kicks in, it becomes a huge problem. Just because your boo has friends of the opposite sex doesn’t mean he or she is cheating on you. And when jealousy gets to a particular height, violence may kick in, and we all know how destructive that can be.

THE EX-FACTOR: Don’t ever talk about the ex or compare everything your partner does or doesn’t do with the ex. The only message it sends is that you are not over the ex, and that makes your partner feel like they are not good enough. You don’t have to take your personal issues from an old relationship into a new one; it only brings about unwanted drama and hurts your partner. You will likely try to be too careful or you go over the top and ruin things by driving your partner crazy. Some people are just drama-filled, like when you get into their life, they pull you in and all you have to do is cope.

PROFESS YOUR LOVE: I really have to emphasize this. You should never assume that your partner knows exactly what you’re feeling. You should always remind your partner how much you love him or her, and when you have doubts, let them know before it takes root and destroys your relationship. If it’s a new relationship and you want to tell the person your feelings, do not wait for a perfect moment, it may never come. Just take the moment and make it perfect.

FUN: Never ever forget to have fun. Go out, chill with other friends, share private jokes and have a good laugh because no one would enjoy getting stuck in a boring relationship.

All in all, remember love and trust because without this, nothing is ever going to work. So, love deeply and kiss slowly, for love is indeed a beautiful thing.



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