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 5 WAYS TO MAKE HIM WANT TO MARRY YOUFor every Eve, there is an Adam lonesomely waiting. The reason many Eves are yet to find their own Adam is that many animals now wear the look of Adam. Aside the social expectation on women to be married before the age of 30, the desire to be like Miss Flower who has just been wedded, places hefty loads of anxiety on single ladies. In a desperate bid to be tagged ‘Mrs.’, single ladies cling to the wrong men who may never walk down the aisle with them. Many turn a blind eye to the dark corners of this book, focusing solely on the bright center of the book. A man is a book that has to be wholly studied. When you have studied him, and you would love to be his wife but he doesn’t seem to want to take you to the altar, below are five (5) ways to make him want to marry you.


By this, I don’t mean the mascara, foundation, lipstick, blush, powder and lipgloss that often do color rioting on the faces of numerous ladies, making them look like beautiful masquerades. Your make up includes the following;

 Your Look

People generally succumb to the command of attraction bolstered on beauty. The first thing that would make a guy want to approach you is your look. You may not be naturally endowed with the outward beauty that screams, but with a bit of packaging, you would look wonderful and attractive to men. Whatever you do to enhance beauty, ensure it’s moderate and natural. Avoid making your face a battle-field for make-up materials. Be neat! Apart from your head, hair shouldn’t be seen at any other part of your body. Avoid keeping pubic hair.


Wear what fits you. Avoid buying a cloth simply because it looks good on your friend; create your own unique style. Dress decently! Men who want to settle down looks out for that. Do not expose your body to attract a man, for you’ll only attract the wrong man into your life. What you wear and how you wear it, determines who comes to you and how he approaches you. A woman is a market that men get close to price. If the market is of good quality, he places a high price on it and wants to be identified by her for the rest of his life. Otherwise he does to her what people do to low quality market.

Your Attitude

Attitude does two different things; it bonds and repels. Avoid the following qualities;


Only you cannot be all. Avoid focusing on and using the first-person-singular. Using the “I, My, Mine, Me” words always, only reveals the selfish beast in you . Learn to share his feelings too, it doesn’t have to be about you all the time. Show him you truly care about him and his future. Discourage him from taking you to eateries all the times: the more he takes you to eateries, the sooner he starts to notice that you are not the type of woman that can manage a home. Do not be too happy because he takes you out to eateries, for you are only killing your chances of owning his heart. Trust me, he’s got other girls, you’re just one of the contenders.


Being over-possessive refines you into jealousy and nagging. You don’t have to be where he is or know where he is all times. Give him some space and allow him to miss you a little.


“My friend’s boyfriend bought her a diamond ring”, “My friend’s boyfriend ensures she uses the best of phones”, “My friend’s boyfriend buys her very expensive dresses.”

Hey girl! It’s high time you became your friend’s boyfriend’s second girlfriend. Men all have their unique dreams; do not make him feel inferior by comparing him to others. Men hate that.

Study him. Know what attitude he welcomes, and the one he abhors. Do not be too quick to display your originality. Wear the attitude he loves. Be yourself “ONLY IF” your attitude is human friendly.


Men would treat you based on the standard you set for yourself. Conquer the low self-esteemIMG_2584 virus that eats you up, and believe you deserve the best like every other gorgeous lady. People generally do not place much value on cheap things, so do men. This goes out to the lady who thinks that because she’s not naturally endowed with beauty curves is the reason men don’t notice her. She is therefore willing to be a loyal servant to any man that comes her way, even when it’s clear that he’s the wrong guy for her. And to that lady in a relationship who is so insecure because she feels she’s not beautiful enough to keep her man from other ladies. Please note that, there are lots of ladies less beautiful than you are, but men flocks around them and a countless number of them are married, because they have a good self-esteem. You’re not beautiful because you count yourself not beautiful. Every woman has her selling point. God never creates anyone ugly: to every one He’s created, He’s given a unique gift. Discover that gift and pride yourself in it. Be proud of who you are. However, watch your esteem; it wrinkles a man’s face when it is too high. No man desires a bossy lady for a wife.

  1.  SEX

“Men are glorified he-goats” has become a cliché to so many ladies.  These set of women are of the notion that the sanctity of sex has been vulgarized, and so floating with the tide is the best way to go. So wrong! If only the nanny-goat had some dignity, the he-goat would not be so obsessed with sex.

Giving yourself to him anytime he ask for it, and when he doesn’t even ask for it? And now you think he loves you? Hey girl, he’s got one girl elsewhere that has some dignity. Soon, he’ll break that bad news to you. No bachelor wants a sex freak for a wife, for TRUST is one expensive luxury that most men cannot afford to give such ladies. Do not think you can tie a man to yourself with sex, for serious minded men do not fall in love with sex, but with the heart of the woman. Never make that costly mistake of thinking you can keep him by being so generous with your private cake. If you must have sex, let it be once in while. If you love him and want to spend a future with him, then have some dignity.


  1.  HOMELY

What do you do when you visit your man? Sit while he does the cooking? Do you care if his room is clean or you’re only interested in warming his bed? Do you care if his kitchen is in order? Ponder on these questions and strive to be homely.

You necessarily do not have to possess all the 5 rules, with 3 out of the 5, you may still have him.  


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