5 Ways To Maintain A Beautiful Home

Peters Precious Oshone

One thing every single and married person craves for is to have a beautiful home that would spark the envy of their peers. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but when a beautiful thing is not maintained, then it is bound to begin to look awkward, over time.  If you already have a beautiful home or you want your home to transform into a sweet haven you will enjoy, here are a few steps to make sure that happens:preshy-dainties

  1. 1. Clear the catalogue: Any couple that keeps a tab on each other, record offenses in their mind, or keep referring to dead issues as if they were alive, would never move forward in their marriage and relationship. Continually reminding someone of their mistakes and short comings will not make them love you more. It would only make them resent you. And resentment is the last thing you want in a beautiful home.
  2. 2. Live one day at a time: It is stupidity to keep carrying over the remnant of yesterday’s issues and quarrels, into today. If every couple would learn to love one another to the point of living everyday per hour, even per second, then I’m sure there would be no broken homes at all. Live one day at a time means letting today’s issues die with today, and loving afresh every new day. Love like the person has never wronged you before. Express your anger for today’s hurt and let it die with today. Live, love and enjoy your marriage everyday; doing your best to always make the best out of each day. Do something to love your spouse more today than yesterday.
  3. Don’t dry up the fun: One major reason many homes become boring and ugly is because the fun they started the marital journey with has dried up completely. Many married people have forgotten how to enjoy their hobbies with their beloved spouse. They feel it’s even weird to sing, dance or even play with their spouse. Everything in the home is official and routine. Dear husband or wife, don’t be too serious to catch some fun in your home; not just with your kids or your friends, but with your spouse who is supposed to be your best friend and playmate.
  4. Make love and submission possible: Your home would be filled with joy and gladness if both you and your spouse would play your marital roles adequately. You don’t expect your spouse to submit to you when you are giving them an attitude of hatred. It would take an heavenly grace for that to be possible. And you don’t also expect someone to love you unconditionally when your attitude continuously has disrespect written all over it. Create the right environment for your spouse to give you what you desire and you will have a peaceful and loving home.
  5. Serve God together: This is one very important ingredient of a beautiful home; a family that prays together and serve God genuinely together, stays together. When a home is religiously and spiritually scattered, every other aspect of that home will be scattered. If you want to see the love in your marriage growing stronger and stronger, serving God genuinely is one key way to experience that.

I do hope I’ve been able to highlight a few points that when applied can impact your home positively. May all our homes remain beautiful. Cheers!


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