5 Reasons To Say No To Him

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

Relationship or marriage can be beautiful and all rosy, but finding that gentleman whom you can proudly walk down the aisle with, and proclaim ‘I DO’ at the altar, can sometimes be tougher than getting a good job in a country suffering from economic recession. You’re faced with different choices, and each does have something inviting that seems to attract you. To make the right choice among these attractive suitors, you must remember that the worm on a hook is always inviting to the fish and that is what gets it into a pot of soup, and therefore examine their lifestyles very well before making that choice that will change your life forever.  To have a beautiful relationship, below are 5 tips that will help you reduce the number to one that will eventually be your right choice, by saying NO to the ones that are;

  1. Ungodly: The ungodly man has no fear for his Creator, and will certainly not regard you as anything. He is unreasonable and wicked. Avoid him.
  2. Stingy: When he is stingy, your home will suffer from basic needs. He is only concerned about himself. He puts himself first, second, and third; every other person can go to hell as far as he is concerned. He is full of himself and not caring. Stay away from him.
  3. Violent: At any little provocation, anger burns within him and wants to engage someone in a physical fight. He rages like a wounded lion, listens to no one once he is provoked, and shoves you out of his way to fight. Hello??? This aggressive guy will turn your face to a punching bag once he marries you. Run away from him as fast as you can.
  4. Lying: He lies, even for no reason. Trust is one very expensive luxury you can’t afford to waste on this type of man; and trust is very important in any relationship. Therefore, distance yourself from him by giving him a capital N. O.
  5. Addicted To Keeping Late Nights: You pay your man some few weeks visit; he closes from work at 5pm, but comes home at 11pm, and weekends he arrives home at 3 or 4 a.m. and smelling alcohol and smokes. He will not be a good father to your children, because he certainly will not have time for them. Give him a shining red card!

You’ve known the 5 reason why you should say no to him. The above are imperfections you cannot afford to overlook and move on with him, but every other imperfection can be managed. The imperfections aforementioned cannot be managed, therefore, choose wisely, and never marry such.

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