5 Reasons You Can’t Marry Her

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

The last time, we discussed 5 reasons a lady should not marry a man. Today, we shall be focusing on men, and the type of ladies they should not marry but run away from. So guys, do not marry a lady when she is;

  1. Ungodly: An ungodly woman can be worse than a serpent. If she bites you, the venoms might take years before they can be removed. She has no mercy. Wickedness is her second name. Run away from her whilst you still can. Should you put a ring on her finger, you sure have sentenced yourself to a marital damnation.
  2. Selfish: She is concerned only about herself and self alone; not even you matters when she wants something for herself. She wants you to buy her iphone-7, and whether you are using Nokia 3310 is none of her business; she desires a sweet brand new sport car to complement her pretty looks, and whether your old ‘tortoise’ car left you stranded on the road last night and some boys helped you to push it off the road is none of her concern; all she want is what she wants. Don’t just run away from this type, you need to fly away from her; otherwise you would end up having a home where food, child care, and savings are sacrificed for wardrobe. She wants you to pamper her like a little child, but she treats you like a dead wood that has no feelings, she doesn’t care about your emotions. She won’t care much about your children’s feelings too; the only true mother your children will know may be the housemaid. Do not marry her.
  3. A Liar: Her chain of lies is miles away from ending. She lies even for no reason, and she’s fake. Think properly when she tells you she loves you; that can be a lie too. She is sitting with you and she tells her phone caller that she travelled to Jos and not in town (Lagos), meanwhile she is enjoying chicken meat with you at one eatery in Lekki (Lagos). I bet when next she is with that caller, she will tell you she travelled to Ghana. Leave her now before her lies drown you into a marriage of lies.
  4. A Sex Addict: She enters your room and in less than two minutes she is pulling off her clothes for sex. Of course you’re human, you may answer the sex-call as often and many times she makes that call. But after sex, and when she’s gone, then sit and think about her body. Is she tight or she is loose? Is her breast firm, and were they staring at you in the face, or they were too flappy and shy and couldn’t even dare to look at your tummy not to talk of face, but focused on your feet? Trust isn’t just a gift; it is a priceless gift that can’t be given to a promiscuous woman. You bet she is not yours alone. Leave her quietly; but you can be kind enough to offer her some advice.
  5. Not Homely: She comes to visit, she asks you to take her out to a fast food joint to eat, meanwhile you have food stuffs and everything needed for cooking. When she decides to cook, she looks for the available clean pot to do the cooking and other dirty pots she doesn’t care whether they are washed or not; when she’s finished with the pot and plates she used, she dumps them there in the kitchen unwashed. She leaves your room littering with her hair and nylons and she’ll never take a broom to sweep. This type can’t be a mother, therefore think twice before marrying her.

Other imperfections from a lady in a relationship can be managed, but the above five must be avoided. Visit Cosmic Ray Magazine always to learn more on relationship.


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