4 Reasons I Should Not Opt For Divorce

Peters Precious Oshone

As the decades increase the age of planet earth, so also our way of life and manner of relationships are rapidly changing. Just as marriage is as old as man, divorce has always been for several generations. But this generation seems to take pride in a geometrically increasing divorce rate. And more and more people are finding themselves doing more than one marriage because society seems to see divorce as a non-issue. But it is definitely an issue. The lesser the divorce rate is, the more responsible our society will be. How do I know this? Well, it’s pretty simple. The family is the smallest unit of the society and if the unit is continuously fractured and shattered, we would keep producing children and eventually adults with crazy ideas about life. Therefore, it’s important that we all begin to retrace our steps and give sound and honest judgment when deciding what is right and what is wrong.

Marriage is supposed to be ‘for better or worse, till death do us part’. But many of us today can barely stand the heat of our homes and so divorce becomes the next option. But before you sign those life changing papers, why not have a rethink. In the next few paragraphs, I would be giving you four cogent reasons why you should not opt for divorce.preshy-dainties

  1. When the issue is not a life-threatening ordeal: Divorce should never be an option in a marriage especially if the issues at hand do not involve life and death. Even in cases of extreme domestic violence, divorce is not the immediate call; separation is. If you find yourself quick to think of divorce whenever you and your spouse have issues, then you might just be the reason why your marriage is not working. No matter what has happened or is happening, as long as no one is threatening to take your life, be rest assured that you can always fight through the storm. Your marriage is not over until you give up on it.
  2. 2. Not to mortgage the life of your kids: Your children are the greatest asset you have as a person and how you invest in them today determines how proud a parent you would be in future. And that investment is not all about money. In involves your money, time, decisions and psychological investments you make on them. Divorce is a very fine way to ruin the life of your kids. It could be very traumatic on them and such trauma might take a lifetime to heal. Bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness might affect their mental health in a way that you might not even sense immediately until it begins to affect their lifestyle or even most important decisions of their lives.
  3. Not to regret losing a good marriage: Those that have gone through more than one divorce, could relate better to this. When contemplating a second divorce, a person might just end up blaming him or herself for leaving their first spouse because they were far better that their present or subsequent spouses. After a divorce, some good things you ignored or never really appreciated about your spouse or your marriage, might come glaring at you in the face, leaving you bitter and frustrated and hating yourself for throwing away your marriage. This is one reason you have to give yourself reasonable time to think things through before giving up on your home.
  4. Not to make your life or your home another statistic: You are unique. Your home is unique. You can’t let your home become just a divorce statistic or let yourself go through life with the pain of divorce and possible re-marrying only to end up feeling worse than when you left your first marriage. Before you think of gambling with all that mess, genuinely ask yourself if there is no better way to settle your marital issues other than having a permanent break up. Ask yourself, “is divorce really worth the risk or even the stress?”


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