We girls do have preference for certain guys, based on the qualities we want in our man. Most often, those guys we really like don’t come to us, but the ones we don’t like. Sadly, the society is structured in such a way that it’s the man’s job to woo a lady, and when a girl takes the courage to ask a guy she likes out, she’s rarely taken serious.

Sometimes it can be so painful to us, seeing the guy we really like passing by or always around where we are, but we can’t tell him how we feel about him. Occasionally, you really want to meet him and tell him you love him, but then many negative questions flood your mind.

What will he think of me?

Will he not think that I’m a cheap girl or slut?

What if he has a woman in his life already?

Will he even like me? Am I his type of girl?

How will he react if I tell him?

The sad truth is that, no one can really tell you that these negative questions and the subsequent fear and discouragement they bring are unnecessary and unfounded. But I have good news for you! You see that lovely guy of your dream? You can have him if you play the game right. It’s a game, and certainty is never a guarantee, because even the man that is a Master Wooer is never sure from the beginning until she says yes to him.

Follow us as we give you 10 steps on how to make him feel same way and possibly fall in love with you.

NOTE: One of us giving you these steps has the man of her dream, courtesy; these tips, which have also worked for a couple of people we know. They’re not magic nor juju, but simple wisdom. These steps you’re about to read are from self-experiences and personal interviews with several men we talked to before arriving at these steps.  So, let’s go!

Step 1: Create An Alluring Spectacle Around You

Put on a good perfume. Look good in your dressing, and be confident. Be jovial but do not lose your guard. Be an exciting mystery woman he wants to discover.

Step 2: Create An Impression In His Head

Do this by either giving him noticeable stare, and when he catches you looking at him, give him a warm smile and walk away. Find a way to show him a favour next time, and when you do, don’t give him the attention to show appreciation: walk away.

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Step 3: Engage Him In A Conversation

Keep the conversation simple. Do more of listening than talking. Make him feel he owns the conversation. Let your words be selectively tactical. Do not discuss relationship or sex matters with him. When he comes with that, find a way to change the topic. Do not allow the conversation to last more than 10 minutes. Cut it short by saying; “Excuse me, handsome.” Give him a pretty wink, and continue, “I have to go now.” Then give him a charming smile and walk away.

Step 4: Be Friendly

Learn to be friendly if you’re not. Not necessarily to him only, but everyone around you that he also interacts with. Wear a smile always. Be happy always. A happy and friendly girl naturally attracts men to herself.

Step 5: Get To Know Him

The time to have some personal chat will somehow present it itself, use the opportunity to know him. Try to know his likes and those things which do not interest him. Don’t talk about yourself, and if he asks you, say very little about yourself.

Listen more to him. Never ask him if he’s in relationship: act like it’s none of your business, even though you really want to know that. He’ll tell you that someday, even without you asking, and until that day comes, wait. But ask about his friends, his family, his hobbies, football team or any game he loves, favourite music and movies. Show sincere care.

Compliment him whenever you see the need to. If for instance he’s well dressed and smelling good, tell him in words and a beautiful smile. It’ll make him feel good, and men love ladies who make them feel good about themselves.


Step6: Play The Hide And Seek Game

Show that man care and friendliness today and snob Him tomorrow. Give that man a green light today but give him a dark one tomorrow when it seems he wants to make a dating move at you. Do that interchangeably for some time. The green light is a hook to draw him and make him feel you’ll be easy to get, while the dark one is to make him realise you’re not a cheap one to get and also get him serious towards you.

The average guy makes a quick move at you once you give him a green light, but it’s rarely with good intention: in his mind, he sees a cheap girl he can easily get and have sex with. Don’t fall for it. That’s why you need to turn off your green light occasionally when he’s making moves. Turning it off often make him have a rethink, and then wants to know you. Remember you’re the real hunter here, and you get the man in the process of him trying to know you.

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Step 7: Do Not Ask Him For Favours or Gifts

When it appears to be that the two of you are getting close, do not ask him for favours and when he offers you one, turn it down, don’t take it. Instead, surprise him occasionally with gifts. If he complains of financial problem, offer to borrow him, but do not take it back when he brings back the money, except the money is a large sum.

And if you are not working and do not have money, show sincere care and encouragements. Men love women who motivate them to carry on.

Take gifts from him only when he insists. Don’t play the gold-digger. Give instead.

Step 8: Don’t Be Too Seen, Make Yourself Occasionally Scarce

Give him space. No matter how much you love to be around him, learn to make yourself scarce sometimes. The most important thing is the impression you leave in his mind, not your presence. He may get bored with you when you are always around him.

If you have left a good and compelling impression in his head, he’ll be the one looking for your attention and presence. So, make him look for your attention and don’t give your attention too cheaply.

Step 9: Do Not Be Possessive

Being possessive is wanting to know every time, where he is, what he’s doing, and who is with him. It’s a big turn off for men. Avoid it.


Step 10: Don’t Push It

Never act desperate. Be confident in yourself and don’t show any signs of weakness toward him. If he’s going to be yours, he will be yours, but when you push it, even if he would have been yours, he runs away from you. So, take it slowly with him and don’t push it. If you’ve taken the above steps carefully, hold on and wait.


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