(By Debolah Amudah)

“You know what; I can’t take this anymore…. I just hate it when you…” And that’s the final straw needed to get the camel’s back crooked or finally broken. Ladies hate some of the things Men do and count as “she would understand” or the usual “I thought that was what you wanted”…and this could lead to a break up or enough to cause a slight crack in the relationship.


ATTENTION: The usual cliché everyone is familiar with. This is not about wanting the man to focus 24/7 on the lady because that would be a whole new level of creepy…but sparing a few minutes of your time and actually paying “undivided attention” wouldn’t kill you, no matter how boring the subject may be, just go along with it and make it more fun, instead of tuning it out.


imagesTIME FACTOR: when game time/hanging out with the guys interfere with hanging out with the girl, “trouble sleep, yanga go wake am” would be the situation here, and I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for a lady ready to blow her top…. An angry lady is more dangerous than a grenade.

PROMISES: Do not, I repeat, do not ever make promises u are unsure of, because ladies take this pretty serious….first u make the promise and then u start making excuses and ways in which u can get out of it, why make a promise in d first place?


THE COOL VIRUS: Some guys are way in over their heads trying to look cool, especially around their friends, so when their friends are around, they act differently towards the girl, but when it’s just the guy and the girl alone, He becomes sweet Mr. Romeo again, you need to stop that and keep it real, if u can’t act the way you act towards the girl when u are alone around your friends, then that is just a douche move.


MR TOO NICE: Everyone wants a nice guy, but nobody wants a guy that is too nice…don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should start acting mean towards girls, but there is actually a thing as being too nice, nobody wants someone who treats them like a fragile doll or fine china, at first its all sweet but after a while it gets boring, mix it up once in a while, be the fun guy, even Clark Kent enjoys superman fun from time to time.


SURPRISES: Everyone likes surprises, just depends on the type, so surprise that lady of yours and you never can tell, maybe all those things she had against that have been hidden from you in that mind of hers could be forgiven.

THE PRICE TAG: Oh MR PRICE TAGS. ‘Mr. Don’t Touch This’, I bought it 50,000 Naira at the mall” or “Mr. you just broke 200 dollars china”. Hey, calm down … no one wants to know how much you bought your stuff, especially when you remind them every time you open your mouth.

THE TIME MACHINE: “Make sure you get back around 2’O clock or do this around 3’O clock, or get my food ready by so and so time”. The worst is the “get ready in the next five minutes or am leaving you behind.” Now that last part is what guys should have gotten used to, all ladies always, I repeat are “always” very late. When it comes to getting ready and keeping to time when it comes to ladies….*whew* I wish u luck on that.


NEATNESS: This is extremely important; a clean, nicely dressed guy always stays on the positive with the ladies. Don’t be a slob too; No one wants to date a guy with mouth odor and smelling armpits. When you look nice and smell nice…ooh la la and this goes out to Mr. Neat FREAK, you are not getting off this easy, the whole “don’t touch that” or “don’t sit there I just got it cleaned” especially when they yell, oh my!, oh my!!

SELF LOVE: Finally, when all you do is talk about yourself, all the time, it’s okay to love yourself, but too much love for yourself. Just one quick advice bro, “why don’t you go ahead and date yourself?”


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