A healthy and solid relationship is the dream of everyone, but often times many relationships become the opposite of what the partners had desired. Here is the good news; ‘having an everlasting and happy relationship is not impossible.’ Below, are the 10 Laws for building happy relationship or marriage of your dream. Follow me as I make your fantasy into a happy reality.
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  1.    DECISION: You shall make your decision to date the one you adore, but only after a careful thought.
  2.    YOU SHALL NOT DATE BECAUSE YOUR FRIENDS ARE DATING: This is a common mistake that young adults often make, and that’s why most often people complain of heartbreaks. That your friend or neighbour is in a relationship doesn’t mean all is well in their union. People jump into relationship with the opposite sex because their friends are into one or two, but it never lasts. The common rule is; “You Jump In, You Jump Out”
  3.     YOU SHALL DEFINE YOUR AIM: Why do you want to go into a relationship? What is your goal? What do you hope to achieve from it? You shall sit and reason this before going into it.
  4. 4.     MARRIAGE SHALL NOT BE THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Out of the desperate desire to marry, often because our mates are married, we often find a friend in serpents, with our eyes blind folded with unrealistic desires. And sometimes we are too quick to note a partner’s fault and start to think if he or she is worth a lifetime time partner. This always brings about pretense from the ambitious partner A, thereby not allowing the partner B know who he/she truly is. Rather seek for friendship, a true friend whom you can trust. And who knows? Perhaps the marriage you never had in mind will just come out of it.
  5.   YOU SHALL AND MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THE IMPERFECTION IN EVERY HUMAN: Never for once give it a thought that your partner is infallible, because you’re not. Your partner isn’t God that makes no errors. Mutual love and respect must not be breached.
  6.  YOU SHALL ACKNOWLEGDE THE FACT THAT EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU, IS REPLACEABLE: Every part of the human flesh is loved and cherished by the owner of the body. However, when a pound of flesh is cut out from it, it poses a severe pain, but with time, the body regenerates a new flesh. Even when the one we love the most dies, somehow, nature has a way of replacing the dead with another whose love is far greater than the former. Do not for once think you’re your partner’s god, you can be replaced. Acknowledging this fact will equip you with a sense of humility which is one if the vital ingredients for a stable relationship.
  7.    YOU SHALL BURY THE POSSESSIVE TRAITS IN YOU: Being too possessive on your partner brings about jealousy and nagging. Always trying to know where your partner is at a particular time, what he/she is doing at any time you’re not with him/her, gives your partner an un-quantifiable pride that he/she sees himself/herself invaluable and start to think he/she is your god. And sometimes your partner begins to see you as one irritating bossy fag. Your partner is not your wallet nor your mobile phone that you have to be with or know where it is at all times. You must avoid this.
  8.    YOU SHALL STUDY YOUR PARTNER AND KNOW WHAT HE/SHE WANTS: Have you ever listened to Luther Vandross’ song, ‘Buy Me A Rose’? That song tells the story of most relationships and marriages. We often love people the way we think is best, but most times such people wish to be loved differently. Avoid loving your partner the wrong way. You cannot please someone if you do not know his likes or dislikes. You shall probe into him/her and know his likes and hates.
  9.    BE FASHION WISE: You shall be clean and wear what fits you that your partner would adore, and always want to present you before his/her friends. Never allow your dresses to wear you, you’re to wear dress. And just because you have successfully won your partner’s heart or he/she has become your husband/wife doesn’t mean you should drop your fashion sense that is alluring and start dressing like a village old woman with deflated breasts or the 19th century job applicant walking from office to office looking for what to meet his daily bread. Look good always!
  10. 10.    YOU SHALL KEEP THE DOOR LOCKED: Never you open the door to your relationship or marriage for a third party to come in. You shall settle your differences at close doors.

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